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MQTT, or Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is a lightweight publish (send a message) – subscribe (wait for a message) protocol.

Publishing means that data is uploaded to a well-defined place (called topic) on a central server (called message-broker). Subscribing means that data is downloaded from a topic of the message broker, once it was published there. MQTT hence is an event-driven communication protocol, notifying a subscriber once a data message has arrived on its topic.

MQTT was designed to be used on networks that have low-bandwidth, high-latency and could be unreliable. Since it was designed with these constraints in mind, it’s perfectly suitable for sending data between devices and is very common in the IoT world.

It is supported by major IoT cloud providers, such as Azure, AWS, Google, but also by players specialized in industrial use cases, e.g. Adamos, Mindsphere, Bosch IoT, to name a few. 

MQTT is the main protocol of the Connectware data interface. Connectware supports MQTT 3.1, MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5. Although data can be provided to or retrieved from the Connectware using most of the supported protocols, MQTT remains the preferred protocol for data exchange with external applications. The advantages mentioned above make MQTT an ideal option for most IoT use cases.

The Connectware MQTT message-broker always runs as a component of the Connectware itself and is started automatically. Data access to remote users (i.e. “to the Internet”) can be granted by locally allowing specific users to read or write on specific topics.

Application examples

  • Building Automation
  • Cloud Integration
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
  • IoT Use Cases
  • Mobile internet applications

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About Cybus Connectware

Cybus Connectware is the IIoT Edge Application platform made in Germany.

Cybus Connectware provides smart factories with universal connectivity to edge devices, sensors and machines, with on-premises pre-processing and effective data governance.

IT departments use Cybus Connectware as a layer of security and orchestration to selectively provide IIoT services and applications, local or cloud, with just the data that is required. Under the hood, Connectware serves the OT as unified on-premises hub to connect any type of machine, device or sensor. It buffers, converts and pre-processes data locally. A transparent expert system that offers industry best practices and DevOps for quality assurance, workflows and automation, are easy to adopt and limitless to extend.

With Cybus Connectware, the data producer stays in control and can securely leverage IIoT use cases of any scope and size, single or many in parallel. It means agility and versatility to win the IIoT era.