Customizing the Search Filter for LDAP Authentication

There are scenarios where it is usefull to extend the default search filter of Connectware. For example:

The filter that will be used by Connectware is (<userRdn>=<username>) wheras userRdn is defined as environment variable in your values.yml and username is the name the user enters during login.

Any extension will result in a filter of the current format:

<code>(&(<userRdn>=<username>)(<your extension>)</code>
Code-Sprache: YAML (yaml)

Info: You could test the filter by performing request with ldapsearch on your terminal (may require additional packages to be installed)


<code>ldapsearch -L -b "dc=example,dc=org" -D "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org" -w admin_pass "(&(cn=User 1)(objectclass=iNetOrgPerson))"</code>
Code-Sprache: YAML (yaml)


In the following example, we have two entries with an RDN cn=a.smith.

Code-Sprache: YAML (yaml)

Both users are named a.smith, but they are different entries. In a case like this you will use cn=employees,dc=ecample,dc=org as search base and actually won’t have a problem. But lets use dc=example,dc=org in order to create a simple example case for the filter extention.

We want to modify the filter in order to search only for entries that have cn=employees in their DN.

The search command to test on the terminal will for the employee a.smith will look like this:

<code>ldapsearch -L -b "dc=example,dc=org" -D "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org" -w admin_pass "(&(cn=a.smith)(cn:dn:=employee))"</code>
Code-Sprache: YAML (yaml)

To modify Connectware, we only add the extension itself (cn:dn:=employee) to the configuration:

      enabled: true
      existingBindSecret: my-ldap-user
      searchBase: CN=Users,DC=company,DC=tld
      searchFilter: cn:dn:=employees
      userRdn: cn
      url: ldap://
Code-Sprache: YAML (yaml)

Important: Be aware the no surrounding brackets are used for the additional expression. Brackets within your expression could be used, e.g. &(objectClass=iNetOrgPerson)(cn:dn:=employees)

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