Take advantage of digital services by accessing your device data.

Connectivity software for industrial data-driven services.

The Cybus Connectware

The locally installed Cybus Connectware bridges the gap between high security requirements of manufacturing and logistics environments and the connected world of digital services. It acts as translator between protocols and management layer, which allows easy, precise and controllable access by data consumers. Cross-data integration into on-site IT systems, local pre-processing (fog computing) and detailed usage statistics are further functions which qualify the Connectware as a central data hub for the modern factory and industrial internet business cases.

Services Integration to factories

The number of digital services you use in your factory is already big and is only getting bigger. At the same time, most of these digital services require data from your production as continuous input resource or are even only set up in order to collect insights from your machines or shop floor.

As we are used to decide if we are willing to “send anonymous usage data to the manufacturer” or “share my location and address book with my favorite app”, it makes sense to finally provide this layer of control to the industrial internet.

Cybus Connectware lets you connect digital services as easily as installing apps on your smartphone and keeps you in full control of who is allowed to access which data from your production line. A single Connectware installation bundles multiple machines and services and lets you keep control of all data that is about to leave your factory.

The Industry API

Developers know that an easy to use API is the most comfortable starting point for application development. The Cybus Connectware translates all industrial protocols – starting from simple Modbus to sophisticated OPC-UA – to a simple HTTP and MQTT API. In analogy to RESTful services, this API is not fully standardized but features enough flexibility and simplicity. This makes receiving data from machines a breeze.

The API is secured with mandatory TLS encryption, client identity is ensured with either token-based or certificate-based authentication. Data from the API can be verified with TPM signatures and we have a simple yet powerful, fine-grained access control system to provide data security.

All Cybus Connectware installations are completely isolated from each other. But together, they form a unified data acquisition network. All installations can be addressed like there is just one single endpoint. This makes device communication as easy as email while guaranteeing full data governance and scalability of the system.

For getting started quickly, the Cybus API is self-documenting. It features a simple, browsable directory of all connected data nodes you are granted access to.

Base: Welotec Alderamin Industrial Computer

The Cybus Connectbox

In addition to an installation package for every Linux server, we provide the Cybus Connectware pre-deployed on selected hardware. We value high modularity, so that we can provide appropriate devices for each particular application. We deliver the devices ready for operation, perfectly equipped for low-maintenance plug-and-play operation, thanks to automatic update functionality. The Connectbox is shipped with a wall- or hat rail mount, is fanless and certified for industrial operating conditions. Request the latest technical specifications for more details.

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