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Cybus creates value through connectivity – Both technically and business-wise, across the whole IIoT sphere.

Our Global Partners



OptimData is an innovative R&D lab dedicated to the development of data centric applications for the B2B markets.

Their application platform ProductInUse and our Connectware complement each other perfectly for your end-to-end machine supervision solution.



The Harting MICA is a versatile processing platform to be installed directly at your machine.

A perfect team: multiple MICAs connect to one machine each and deliver their data to a single Connectbox per factory, building an extensible data acquisition network with the familiar Cybus security and control in place.


Ancud IT-Beratung GmbH offers next generation digital solutions for companies. We combine digital innovation and experience. Together with our customers we design the path into a successful and sustainable future. Process Automation, Networking, Real-Time Processing of Data, Artificial Intelligence and Agile Methods are our tools. We create the workplaces of the future.



The IT Strategen GmbH is an agile agency for individual web software and secure hosting based in Karlsruhe / Germany. They have a presentable track record in industrial IoT projects and are happy to build your solution, as soon as a boilerplate dashboard does not meet your requirements!



The Hamburg Software Alliance is a joint-venture of IT companies in the Hamburg area. The alliance includes expertise, network and man-power of all relevant software and IT project fields and is ready to tackle your large-scale industrial IoT undertaking with the help of Cybus solutions.



The Industrial Data Space initiative deals with the complex questions of digital transformation: who owns which data, what is the value of data and which measures must be taken in order to protect the privacy of each party when exchanging data? The specifications of the Industrial Data Space act as inspiration and confirmation of the Cybus mission and we aim to make our Connectware the first commercial IDS compliant product in the market.


Omnio was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen and provides plug’n’play integration for industrial devices like machines, sensors and the like, enabling the Industrial Internet of Things. The main use-case is to shorten the time to integrate to a certain device, like a pump, valve or water meter, in order to extract data, from days to seconds. Omnio provides the specific device profiles necessary to know what to communicate to the device in order to extract any data from the device.


VerneMQ is a high-performance, distributed MQTT broker developed by Erlio GmbH. VerneMQ scales horizontally and vertically on commodity hardware to support a high number of concurrent publishers and consumers while maintaining low latency and fault tolerance. VerneMQ is the reliable message hub for your IoT platform or smart products. Cybus is proud to work with VerneMQ and to benefit from the huge expertise in high performance messaging.


With more than 2,000 projects to our name, ROI is one of the leading corporate consultants for Research and Development, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. ROI assists industrial companies worldwide in optimizing their products, technologies and manufacturing networks and utilizing the potential of the IoT for business model and process innovations. Cybus is partnering with ROI for allowing customers designing their unique Industry 4.0 business case.


Basler is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial and retail applications, medical devices, and traffic systems. Product designs are driven by industry requirements and offer easy integration, compact size, excellent image quality, and a very strong price/performance ratio. Basler and Cybus partner to provide 25 years of experience in vision technologies in combination with Industry 4.0 connectivity for industrial use-cases.


UIB provides natural language communications (NLP) for IIoT machines and equipment. Operators can communicate with their machines through the communications channels they already use. The Cybus Connectware + UnificationEngine solution can be easily adapted and developed for machinery, vehicles, sensors, and their components across verticals including discrete and process manufacturing, power plants, and logistics.


connectavo offers a fast track for SMEs to more efficient maintenance processes. The Berlin-based company is specialized in software solutions for production facilities to track, monitor and maintain machines, plants and assets and digitizes the entire maintenance value chain. Amongst various software modules, connectavo also offers retrofit-kits in collaboration with established partners. The Predictive Maintenance Module employs proprietary Machine Learning algorithms that predict more efficient cycles and reduce unplanned downtime.


The HONICO eBusiness GmbH is specialized in the integration of different systems and offers solutions for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM).
The main product IntegrationMan – SAP certified – is a flexible platform for the integration of e.g. SAP to nonSAP systems. Here, the access to the SAP system is optimized by SAP standards and HONICO owned components. Pre-built process solutions for various integration scenarios allow the realization of integration projects in just a few days.


A.T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm that focuses on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues facing businesses, governments and institutions around the globe. A.T. Kearney maintains offices in 40 countries. With its Manufacturing Center of Excellence, A.T. Kearney helps clients to achieve the Next Level of Productivity leveraging Digital/i4.0. Core element is its ABC-Approach addressing three battlefields in parallel: (A)dvancment in productivity, (B)etter in serving customers, (C)utting-edge contribution to innovative business models.


Cybus is solutions partner of Fujitsu.

Reference Customers



‌‌Pfannenberg Group is a global manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies. Cybus enables Pfannenberg products to transmit data into the cloud in a way that is compliant with their factory operating customer’s security policies.



Wittenstein develops customized products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic motion, maximum-precise positioning and smart networking for mechatronic drive technology. Cybus helps Wittenstein as a user and soon to be provider of industry 4.0 connectivity solutions.



From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK is one of the leading manufacturers of optical sensors and RFID technology.

Bring your sensor system online quickly: SICK Sensors and Cybus Connectware is a plug-and-play relationship!



As a recognised specialist, BUCO Wärmetauscher International combines the skills and competence of electrical resistance welding and state-of-the-art laser welding. Cybus helps Buco unifying the variety of data sources in their production.

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