Produkt | 01.06.2023

Connectware release 1.2.0

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Dear Cybus Connectware Users, We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated release of Connectware 1.2, fresh off our software lab!
This latest version comes packed with an array of updates that will elevate your Connectware experience and empower you to accomplish more in your production operations.

Introducing the new front-end

Connectware 1.2 introduces a sleek and intuitive new look that will revolutionize the way you manage your configurations. We understand the importance of keeping your factory running at top speed, and with our enhanced front-end, managing your Connectware settings has never been easier. The fresh new design provides helpful in-app explanations, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the interface. Additionally, our new user management features offer better control and warnings for complex commands, ensuring a seamless workflow. Experience the new UI firsthand by watching our comprehensive video walk-through that highlights all the exciting features and functionalities:


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Enhanced back-end features

We have made significant improvements to the back-end of Connectware, enhancing its reliability and scalability to meet the growing demands of the production industry. Here are the key back-end enhancements that you can expect:

  • Retaining certificate volumes when removing Connectware on Kubernetes through Helm:
    Reinstalling Connectware is now more convenient than ever. With this update, you no longer need to perform manual cleaning steps, as the volumes from the previous installation will be automatically reused.
  • Introducing a new Helm chart for standalone protocol-mapper agents:
    This specialized chart allows operators to deploy multiple protocol-mapper agents outside their existing Connectware installation with ease. With automated Connectware agent deployment on Kubernetes, you can quickly expand your connectivity options.
  • Horizontal scaling on Auth Server on Kubernetes:
    High workload scenarios are now easier to manage with the support of replicant Kubernetes pods. This addition enables load balancing and fail-safe mechanisms, ensuring a smooth operation even in demanding environments.
  • Protocol Mapper now supports OPC UA Server Historical Access StartBound aggregation:
    Gain access to the first value of each data interval in your data set stored in Cybus OPC UA server using the new aggregation function, „StartBound.“ This enhancement facilitates efficient data retrieval and analysis.
  • Configurable probe timeout to HTTP Connection resources:
    Experience more accurate and faster deviation detection for HTTP connections with the ability to customize the probe timeout. Detecting and addressing anomalies in your HTTP connections is now more efficient than ever.
  • Ability to send binary data on HTTP Write Endpoints:
    Regardless of the data format, you can now send binary data via the HTTP protocol. This update expands the possibilities of data transmission and integration.

Bug fixes

We have diligently addressed various bugs and issues to ensure a smooth and error-free experience for our valued users. The following are some of the bugs we have resolved:

  • UI will no longer crash if a user goes from a mapping details to the services page
  • Change password form now displays the correct error message when using the wrong credentials to perform an operation
  • Server unavailability errors are now better explained
  • The connect Helm chart can now install protocol-mapper agents that include special characters: This allows, for example, agent names that are Full Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)
  • Deviation detection for Kafka protocol write operations is improved, which enhances the ability to detect and address any anomalies that may occur during data transmission
  • Some infrequent broker issues related to publish authentication timing were resolved, which significantly improved the reliability of message delivery
  • Additionally, we’ve fixed some issues related to registering Agents using mTLS, which now helps streamlining the authentication process

We think Connectware 1.2 will meet your expectations with improved speed, sleekness, and reliability. Upgrade to Connectware 1.2 today!

Your Cybus team

Questions, feedback and support

We greatly value your feedback, as it helps us enhance Connectware for your benefit. If you have encountered any bugs, please use the button below to report them.


Skalierbare Dateninfrastruktur für Smart Factories

Ganzheitliche Fabrikvernetzung über eine Plattform

Der führende Factory Data Hub Connectware eignet sich für die ersten Schritte der Digitalisierung bis hin zur Smart Factory Transformation. Neben voller Shopfloor-Konnektivität schafft Connectware eine skalierbare Dateninfrastruktur für digitale Projekte ohne Grenzen. Eine Plattform für alle IIoT Projekte, unabhängig von Schnittstellen und Herstellern.

The Smart Factory Data Infrastructure of Cybus Connectware

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