Orchestrate Data with the Waylay Automation Platform

Combining the Waylay Automation Platform with Cybus Connectware


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With the combined solution of Cybus Connectware and the Waylay Automation Platform, business users and IT professionals can build their own smart industrial use cases.

The integration of Waylay Automation Platform and Cybus Connectware

The following video demonstrates, how three use cases can be realized with both, the Cybus Connectware and the Waylay Auomation Platform in combination.

What You Learn in this Video

The demonstration video delivers not only insights into both platforms and their user interface, but also delivers a step-by-step guide for three use cases. It is shown how to create:

1. Transparency in customer’s shop floor
2. Prediction of critical coolant level
3. Realization of a service level agreement based on machine data

For these use cases, the Cybus Connectware enables a connection of two milling machines from different generations (Modbus TCP and OPC UA) to extract real-time data. Temperature as well as coolant liquid level will be scanned. With the Connectware, the data is normalized and a common information model is created.

To provide the data to Waylay’s Automation Platform, it is made available in MQTT.

The Waylay Automation Platform then visualizes the machine data by offering a user-friendly dashboard. The demo video also shows how to create a business logic and the workflow needed for the three use cases with the Waylay Automation Platform.

Live Demo of Cybus Connectware

We know how unique the use cases and technical infrastructure of each company are. We therefore invite you for a live demo that picks up your current situation or your future goals. Get your live demo to find out what Cybus Connectware adds to your company:

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