We bridge the gap between offline devices and online services.

Cybus provides secure connectivity to transfer industries into the digital era.

One Connectware – All Devices

No matter what digital value you want to generate from your machine or device data, you probably need a secure communication link. Cybus translates machine languages to modern internet semantics, making live data available for any application you can imagine.

We deeply care about data privacy and act as the trusted middleman between data owners and data consumers, allowing fine-grained access control and data exchange agreements between machine operators and service providers. The best thing: We leave the data where it belongs and are not cloud dependent.

With our infrastructure in place, industry players are able to seamlessly integrate further devices and services for their own monitoring, analysis, maintenance purposes and much more.

Any Machine.

Building on top of existing interfaces, Cybus allows the abstraction of even legacy protocols to a modern, semantic API. We provide the only universal industrial connectivity system that is designed to acquire data from any industrial device.

Any Service.

Keep your system operations and digital services extensible and agile by pushing the machine front-end to a secure, internet-grade interface. All local installations build a distributed, global API network, ready to be the starting point for the digital innovations of tomorrow.

Full Control.

While third-party service providers crave to push machine data to the cloud, we give factory operators full transparency and detailed control of in- and outbound communication.

Using Cybus is a Win-Win-Win Strategy.
Because good system design starts with an interface.

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