What is SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the protocol used to connect and interact with relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and so on. Relational databases are very popular and most often used to handle structured data with predefined relationships between them. The data is organized in tables and can be accessed using queries with different levels of complexity. 

What is SQL used for?

Using the Connectware SQL protocol, it is possible to establish connections to all network reachable databases, no matter if they are in the cloud or on premise. Data can be read using predefined queries. The queries are highly flexible to use when combined with variables that act as placeholders and are replaced at runtime. By displaying the requested data in JSON format, the data can be conveniently processed and easily transferred to other systems.

While read accesses take place at defined points in time or in a certain interval, write accesses are carried out immediately. As with reading access, writing to a database is performed by specifying a query which will then be enriched with payload at runtime.

SQL implementation with Cybus

Almost every use case relies on the ability to store and retrieve data – using the Connectware SQL protocol implementation, this can seamlessly be achieved without having to modify the database at all.

Application examples of SQL, which can also be integrated with Cybus Connectware

Application examples

Use Cases with SQL

Learn more about industry protocols

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