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23 Aug


Our new Bits&Bytes Newsletter will keep you on track of the most important and useful features, functions and updates of Connectware to boost your shop floor.

In the past four weeks our developers were boosting in pre-vacation fever, typing even faster than normal to deliver another round of new snacks for you.

New intuitive and powerful Explorer

Major UI changes and additional features make data exploration waaay easier. Select, monitor and filter any MQTT data topics of your data tree – single end points, machines or whole production lines.Take a short look in this 2 minutes demo or go straight to your Connectware and try it out yourself!

New Kubernetes deployment

In addition to the traditional deployment method with docker-compose, you can now deploy Connectware on your Kubernetes cluster by a newly created Helm chart for the Connectware. Please contact Cybus Support for receiving the necessary Helm chart set of files.

Pool your data

The new collect rule enables collection of values from multiple endpoints configured inside the mapping and publishing them together in a single object. This makes it much easier to aggregate many small input messages into more complex data structures by supporting multiple data endpoints for subscribing, and then using the new collect rule for aggregation.

Distributed Mapping

We extended our Agent mode to mappings, giving you the chance to apply JSONata transformations not only at edge endpoints but also to distribute your mapping processing load among multiple agents.

Protocols & Standards

  • MQTT 5 is now supported inside the protocol mapper for connections and endpoints
  • SQL protocol has now placeholders for SQL Read endpoints in addition to the already available Write-operation
  • Kafka protocol connection has improved state handling
  • OPC DA protocol is extended to Write-operations in addition to already available Read-operations
  • OPC UA Server deployed in the Connectware can now have its maximum number of connections to the server configured according to your requirements

Take me to the Connectivity Portfolio with all protocols and standards

Our Cybus Dev Team uses a rolling release cycle with weekly updates. It gives us the opportunity to fastly incorporate bug fixes and improvements. So send in your feature request or bug report – and start the countdown.

See you next month!

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