Efficient connection of OT and IT

The highly available and factory-wide data infrastructure

Realize digital projects independently

In just a few weeks from installation to the first use case

The data strategy for all digital solutions

In the automotive factories in Leipzig and Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, OT and IT are seamlessly connected

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Digitalization is simple with a seamless data flow

The Smart Factory software fully integrates your production & IT

The advanced software solution provides a data core of applicable real-time data. Barriers are dissolved, as Connectware interconnects your production with your IT, any application and system. One central source delivers all assets and resources to digitalize your factory at once.

All benefits of the Smart Factory software at a glance

For perfect OT-IT collaboration



Connectware provides omnidirectional global data flow and seamless connectivity.


High Availability

Despite massive data loads, the locally installed Connectware remains robust against production downtime.



As a technology-neutral layer, Connectware operates completely vendor- and supplier-independent.

& progress

Cutting-edge technology

Specialized for industry, Cybus uses the most modern technologies such as Docker containers, Infrastructure-as-Code and Kubernetes.

& sovereignty


The technology-neutral layer decouples data collection from data usage and generates absolute data sovereignty and security.

by cybus

How our customers use Cybus Connectware

Success stories and Industrial IoT use cases

With Cybus’ universal data infrastructure, our customers independently implement a wide variety of use cases. The Manufacturing Data Platform enables the most complex digital projects and ensures a successful roll-out.


Be ready for unlimited IIoT Use Cases

The easy rollout of your digital projects

Manufacturing companies use the Manufacturing Data Platform to implement their diverse Smart Factory use cases – universally for every machine, plant and application. Thanks to the global data flow, IIoT use cases such as traceability, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance can be easily tested, implemented and scaled.

News from the industry

Current activities, events and use cases

Numerous companies rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, the automotive industry or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on a universal data infrastructure with Connectware

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»With Connectware, we have a central system for connecting our machine tools and we are enabled to collect and evaluate all the data provided.«

Martin Heise, Process optimization, GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik

»Cybus enables us to implement parallel projects centrally and uniformly – even across different phases. In doing so, we remain strategically and technologically independent and have sustainable cost savings along our digitization roadmap.«

Felix Ebberg, Lead Industrial Projects, Deutsche Nickel GmbH

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