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Full connectivity, lock-in avoidance,
best data governance & workflow efficiency

IIoT platform Cybus


A Universal Connection for Digital Shop Floors

Around fifty years ago, the third industrial revolution kicked off the era of data in manufacturing. In the course of automation, bits and bytes were given a critical operational significance. The top priority was to increase efficiency. Data was the responsibility of the manufacturing departments, of operating technology (OT). The fitting tools were developed and used accordingly.

Today, Data is given a whole a new quality. (#DataIsEatingTheWorld)

The top priority is not only to increase efficiency in the production chain, but also to optimize entire value creation networks – right through to offering completely new products and establishing new, valuable customer relationships. The keepers of Data are increasingly IT managers responsible for cross-business unit scenarios, right up to top management itself. Managing your own and external data has critical and strategic meaning. The right tools for this did not exist – until now.

With our Cybus Connectware software, data security has the highest priority.

We make sure that the data is always in the hands of the user, which means: you!

Cybus – Independent Industrial IoT


Your Advantages

Full Connectivity

The Cybus Connectware is the single layer of data distribution for factory environments. We translate any legacy machine protocol into a unified API that allows easy and secure data access. No matter if you start from a serial interface, use a mobile link or work in a sophisticated managed production network environment.

Process Standardization

The digitization of factories introduces a variety of applications that require access to shop floor data. Cybus allows to define and manage company-wide standard processes for machine data provision and user rights. This includes both internal IT systems and external cloud services.

Modular Services

Cybus designs Smart Factories according to best practices of modern software architecture: as a clever combination of digital production services, sharing a unified interface. Besides data distribution and security, the Cybus Connectware allows the orchestration of user-defined service containers in a protected environment.


Cybus believes in data sovereignty and a fully distributed networking approach. Thus, our Connectware is a pure on premise service. No data will ever leave your governance unless you explicitly share it. Cybus incorporates a strict access control management system with certificate based client identification.

Cloud Independent

Cybus saves you from lock-in with a single cloud-vendor and allows to deliver data to all major and minor cloud providers. As a multi-tenant platform, Cybus enables you to take the best of all worlds, and simultaneously share data with suppliers or customers.

Simple API

Cybus is not restricted to any particular application but rather provides an open API to machine data. This makes it a top choice for any system architecture in combination with arbitrary application services.

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