Produkt | 23.09.2021


(September 2021, up to latest release 1.0.55)
Summer vacation for our friends in South Germany came to an end. Just in time for a new batch of Bits & Bytes from our Mate-lovers here at Cybus.

This time, our coding artist Pablo reveals to us his favourite Connectware feature. Be sure to check it out!

New metrics overview

Have you ever wondered how much data is being sent through the system? Make a guess and check it inside your Connectware. We have just added a metric table displaying the data throughput for a particular hour or day.

Connections x 10 !!!

…10 times more connections possible in the ingress-controller. With the new implemented environment variable for Docker Compose, Connectware now allows up to 10.000 connections instead of 1024. That means 8976 more KUKA robots can send data through their MQTT clients to the Connectware than before!

Improved UI

Adding “connecting…” labels, better redirection, more performant handling of large amounts of data topics… We follow the 1% rule and improve your UI experience by making the small things right that add up!


Pablo, Coding Artist


“It provides a very simple syntax for collecting information from multiple sources into a single message.

For example, let’s say we have a workshop with 200 robotic welding machines which might stop working if a certain temperature threshold is detected. One could use this feature to collect this value from all the machines in a single object and feed that object to the dashboard. As a result, you will get an instant view of any deviation in the factory.

It can also be used in conjunction with other rules to send messages to machines in a warning state to automatically correct the situation.”

Find out more about:
Multiple Subscription
Collect Rule

Protocols & Standards

Take me to the Connectivity Portfolio with all protocols and standards

Our Cybus Dev Team uses a rolling release cycle with weekly updates. This gives us the opportunity to quickly incorporate bug fixes and improvements. So submit in your feature request or bug report – and start the countdown.

See you in the next Bits & Bytes newsletter!

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