News | 23.10.2023

Recap of the Global Smart Manufacturing Summit Berlin

Cloud/Edge keynote and manufacturing experts

The Global Smart Manufacturing Summit in Berlin brought together industry leaders and experts to address key challenges, share strategies and discuss innovative solutions on manufacturing, automation and Industry 4.0.

Our keynote took place on the main stage of the event on October 19th. Benjamin Gehlken, our Partner Manager, shared best practices on how to optimize your cloud-first strategy and why it is essential to combine it with an edge solution.

Partner manager

Benjamin Gehlken


The Cloud-First Contradiction:

Why Manufacturing Needs Edge Solutions

In his keynote, Benjamin Gehlken explained how the integration of cloud and edge can enhance your manufacturing operations. Topics included:

  • The benefits of a cloud-first strategy in manufacturing
  • The limitations of relying solely on the cloud
  • The role of edge solutions in improving manufacturing processes
  • Use cases for combining cloud and edge solutions in manufacturing
  • Best practices for implementing a cloud-edge architecture in manufacturing

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