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    FAQ | Frequently asked questions

    About the software

    What is Connectware?

    Cybus Connectware is a Factory Data Hub that enables seamless integration between production facilities and IT systems. The software solution creates a reliable and powerful data infrastructure that provides, processes and combines data across the enterprise in a secure and standardized manner. It is specifically designed for production-critical use.

    Who uses Connectware?

    Cybus Connectware is particularly suitable for large companies with complex production requirements, multiple production sites and high data loads. In most cases, its use is in the hands of IT teams, digitization teams, production teams, and functional departments (e.g., quality assurance). 

    What does Connectware offer?

    > Highly available data flow: As a Factory Data Hub, Connectware establishes an omnidirectional data flow between manufacturing and IT systems. In addition to end-to-end shop floor connectivity, its real-time integration enables more complex data processing and resilient data load balancing.

    > Infrastructure as Code: Connectware’s strength lies in its configuration through Infrastructure as Code: This manages an organization’s data infrastructure through code files, rather than manual configurations. This ensures data consistency, version control, automation, and seamless rollout. 

    > Seamless rollouts: By using a central repository, configurations can be rolled out, optimized, and updated quickly and automatically across multiple sites. Deployments become faster and more efficient than ever before. 

    > IT-OT collaboration: Collaboratively created integration templates can be selected from a catalog and populated by the OT via user-friendly software interface.

    > DevOps methodologies: IT teams can review and consolidate all no-code configurations to ensure enterprise-wide data consistency.

    In addition, Connectware provides granular user management (including LDAP and multi-factor authentication), a strong rule engine, horizontal scaling, data load balancing, and more.

    For detailed information, visit our product page.

    How does Connectware work?

    Connectware runs as a software on-premise, i.e. locally in the customers data center. Using a versatile portfolio of protocol implementations, Connectware can collect and distribute data between different systems and assets from production to IT systems to the cloud. Its specialized software architecture enables it to operate in different systems and environments using Docker or Kubernetes and contributes to scalability. Connectware is managed manually through a web interface or automated through infrastructure-as-code methods using the Connectware API.

    What makes Connectware different from other middleware solutions?

    The Connectware Factory Data Hub is especially suited for large-scale data integration. It combines the advantages of Infrastructure as Code with the usability of low-code/no-code solutions. The key differentiators compared to common solutions available on the market are:

    > Infrastructure as Code approach: Configuration by code enables faster, more flexible and reproducible data integration setup. It provides versioning, centralized management and templating. Manual effort and error-proneness can thus be reduced to a minimum.

    > Unified Namespace: Connectware provides the ability to create and centrally manage a unified namespace for the entire data landscape, making data delivery both simplified and secure.

    > IT-OT collaboration: Connectware enables collaboration between IT and OT. For this purpose, the unified data layer connects data producers (hardware, (IT-) systems, processes and teams) with data consumers (hardware, (IT-) systems, processes and teams). 

    > Scalability: Connectware is particularly suitable for companies that require a growing and scaling data architecture. With the Factory Data Hub, the automatable expansion of production facilities, the integration of new technologies or the scaling across multiple production sites is successful.

    > Cloud-native technology and DevOps methodology: Connectware can be used with technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Ansible or OpenShift. The Factory Data Hub thus meets all the requirements for digitizing a manufacturing operation according to Industrial DevOps principles. This allows companies to continuously optimize processes and make changes without major releases or disruptions.

    Licensing and term

    Which license is suitable for my production?

    The license that best suits your manufacturing is highly dependent on the complexity of your production environment, production criticality, and the scope of your digitization projects. For a meaningful assessment, please contact the sales department.

    In general, licenses are recommended as follows:

    Professional: For productive use cases as well as for the entry into Smart Factory transformation, the Professional license is suitable in most cases. An upgrade from Professional to Enterprise is possible at any time.

    Enterprise: Controlling use cases and production critical data streams can be realized with the Enterprise license.

    Research: You realize a research or university project? With the Research license you use Connectware in full functionality under special conditions.

    What is the term of the license?

    The minimum term of a regular Connectware license is 12 months. Depending on the complexity of your production environment, the scope of services and the digital roadmap, longer terms are suitable even at the beginning. For exact details, please contact our Customer Support.

    Does the Connectware license renew automatically?

    Your Connectware license is automatically renewed after the contractual minimum term has expired. Please contact our Customer Support for further details and extraordinary inquiries.

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