Your free live demo

Introduction to the most important features & live rollout of use cases

Your live demo of Cybus Connectware

What you can expect in the session

Content of the demo

✓ 60-minute live demo session
✓ Industrial IoT expert input
✓ The most important features and functions
✓ Live rollout of use cases
✓ Individual questions and requirements

Industrial IoT Use Cases with Connectware

Of course, we can only show you a selection of use cases in the demo.
Let our website inspire you for further use cases with the Factory Data Hub.

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Features and use cases with Cybus Connectware

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    Digitize your factories with a scalable data infrastructure

    One software for holistic connectivity

    With the leading factory data hub Connectware you realize your first steps of digitalization up to full Smart Factory transformation. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware also creates a scalable data infrastructure for your digital projects – without limits.

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