The most modern data infrastructure for smart factories

Universal use of live production data

Cybus’ software solutions are designed specifically for industrial manufacturing and its complex requirements. With the high-performance and scalable Factory Data Hub, Cybus brings open collaboration between manufacturing and its IT. Cybus empowers factories to gain long-term independence from manufacturers and vendors.

ABOUT cybus

  • Cybus GmbH
  • Location: Hamburg, Deutschland
  • Founded: 2015
  • 52 employees

Powerful and fast

From Proof-of-Concept to Roll-Out

Digital projects are realized with a single, local data infrastructure – in a way that guarantees future-proof scaling. With the central and technology-neutral data layer, there are neither barriers in IT nor restrictions due to configurations or vendor lock-ins. In this way, every PoC is transformed into a rollout.


Driven by Independence. Inspired by Creativity and Collaboration.

Beyond Industrie 4.0

With the help of our solutions, our customers develop digital productions that meet current and future requirements for flexibility, scalability and sustainability. We as a company follow five values that guide our actions, to ensure that our customers are ready for a data-driven economy:


There are no limits in digitization: Independence is our credo. With Cybus, you realize every project – independently and without dependencies on manufacturers, technologies or configurations.


With OT/IT collaboration, a strong partner ecosystem and an open mindset, Cybus promotes integrated solutions, scalable projects and ensures the future viability of the industry.


Whether you’re a coding artist or an engineer, innovation comes from creativity. That’s why Cybus’ Smart Factory solutions encourage creative and experimental way of working without typical IT or OT barriers.


Experts need expert solutions: With many years of practical experience, our IT, Development and Customer Success experts guarantee success for our customers.


Factories, individual setups and requirements are complex. Our solutions take into account all OT, IT and ET perspectives and fully integrate the production.

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The management of Cybus

Independence is the future of smart factories

Peter Sorowka, CEO and Co-founder of Cybus

Peter Sorowka

CEO & Co-Founder of Cybus

Peter Sorowka is an expert in Industrial IoT and the technical architecture of data-driven industrial production. In 2015, he founded Cybus – the Industrial IoT company specializing in secure and governance-strong IIoT Edge and Smart Factory solutions. As CEO and Co-Founder of Cybus, he has been advising and guiding the industry towards decentralized, secure Smart Factory and data-driven Smart Services for more than seven years.

Ein Bild von Jasmin Skenderi, CTO von Cybus

Jasmin Skenderi

CTO of Cybus

Jasmin Skenderi’s 20-year career in the industry started as an electrical engineer in holistic device development and thus the integration of hardware, firmware and software. As CTO of Cybus, he is responsible for product and engineering. With his strategic direction, his approach for the industrial software “Cybus Connectware” is continuous innovation while maintaining quality and stability.

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