Industrial data for every business case

No silos, no new investments – the scalable data infrastructure integrates every use case seamlessly, securely and reliably with your production.


CI/CD for manufacturing

Improve manufacturing processes during running production

Production downtimes hinder fast and valuable process optimisation. With CI/CD, updates, optimisations and adjustments to production processes can be carried out during ongoing operations – quickly, cost-effectively and without risk.


Energy management and EMS integration

Optimise energy consumption and ESG with access to your energy and building data

Solve the challenging steps towards Energy Management. Connectware enables you to centralize and converge real-time energy data throughout all your factories. Track how much energy each factory, machine, component and production step consumes.

control of all production processes

MES Integration

Implementation in live production

Integrating an MES with Cybus Connectware does not require any intervention in live production. The universal data layer from Cybus provides your live data pre-processed and specially prepared for your MES.

shop floor transparency

Condition Monitoring

Visualize machine conditions

Continuous improvement can only succeed if you track and know your machine conditions. With the help of a user-friendly visualization in an intuitive dashboard, your employees will be able to optimize production and detect errors or malfunctions on their own.

forecast with real-time insights

Predictive Maintenance

For fail-safe production

Based on your own production data, you make reliable assumptions about machine conditions and possible failures. In this way, you optimize your entire maintenance and reduce cost-driving downtimes.

universal data flow

Shop floor Connectivity

A holistic data strategy

Cybus Connectware’s technically neutral data infrastructure seamlessly connects the production with IT. Machine and plant data from fully connected production is transferred securely and in real-time to the cloud or any other system. This strategic decision enables the implementation of many digital use cases.

acquisition OF OEE KEY metrics

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increasing plant productivity

With the acquisition of OEE metrics, you create the best prerequisite to increase plant productivity and to continuously optimize your production. With Cybus Connectware you gain all relevant key metrics based on your machine and plant data in the shortest possible time.

the whole production at sight


Seamless documentation

In order to trace and document every aspect of the manufacturing of your products, seamless traceability is indispensable. Cybus Connectware allows you to collect your process data locally and in real time. The open architecture allows you to use any system or application for traceability.

Data integration at scale

Scale your digital initiatives in 12 weeks

  • Reduce downtime by 8%
  • Lower energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Connectware integrates all your machines and systems – regardless of the manufacturer

All IIoT use cases at a glance

Realize any industrial IoT use case with a universal data infrastructure

Experience Connectware in a live demo

The whole smart factory in one central software

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Leading manufacturers rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, automotive or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on the Factory Data Hub


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