The Cybus Middleware

Cybus is a middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot). Getting started with our powerful software distribution is simple and fun. It drastically diminishes time, cost and risk of Industry-4.0 projects by providing flexible and secure connectivity for various hard- and software components.

To get started, head over to the documentation section.

Device Manufacturers

Equip your devices with a universal online interface.

Cybus enables your product to be integrated easily in any network environment.

Ask for on-device implementation of our software stack!


Access valuable data from your appliances and gain production insights. 

Cybus makes it easy to securely manage and distribute machine data, even from legacy devices.

Ask for hardware gateways and secure hosting!

Key Benefit

We focus on providing the right tools to reduce project costs and risks. Instead of reinventing the wheel over and over, you want to have reliable and secure data distribution out of the box – all the way from sensor level to user interface.

We would love to evaluate your upcoming project requirements and help you streamline development cycles.

Key Features

Protocol Bridging

The Cybus industrial internet platform combines OPC-UA, CoAP, MQTT and HTTP into one framework, allowing the seamless connection between classic machines, low-power sensor nodes and agile web applications.

Smart addressing

A genuine DNS approach makes it a breeze to connect across different networks and applications.

Microservice Architecture

A scalable and flexible software architecture with semantic directory simplifies data processing and format translation. Pick a standard adaptor or write your own.

Field Access

Supports hardware gateways to connect machines and sensors from common field buses.

On-Premise or Cloud

All components are designed to run in the cloud and on-premise – whatever suits you best. Are you looking for a hybrid approach? Absolutely no problem.

Develop on any platform

A growing set of fully integrated SDKs and system access made easy on all other platforms thanks to standard protocols and open REST API.

Cybus Industrie Preis 2016

Cybus is one of Germany's best, innovative industrial solutions of 2016 and proud to have been chosen by a top-class jury.