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Steady and reliable production in your factory

Eliminate production downtime with Cybus

PWith its new partner Nexocraft, Cybus ensures that plant operators can immediately detect machine failures down to sensor level, quickly eliminate their causes and continuously optimise production processes to reduce production downtime.

What is production downtime?

Production downtime is any period of time during which facility output is stopped. Manufacturing downtime includes planned downtime for scheduled asset maintenance, as well as unplanned downtime due to equipment failure and other events

Preventing production downtime has never been easier: Cybus and its latest partner Nexocraft successfully prove this. With Cybus and Nexocraft everything is done in three simple steps:

1. Collect data

First, Cybus Connectware collects process data from various machines and equipment in real time. Thanks to the broad connectivity portfolio, Connectware can retrieve data from any machine. Since Connectware is seamlessly integrated into your shop floor, there is no need to reprogram the PLC or adjust your IT.

2. Make data available

Next, the data collected is automatically pre-processed with Connectware according to your requirements and then rendered into a uniform model. From here, access management enables secure data exchange with any target system: you decide which data to share with other IT systems and applications. With Cybus Service Catalogue, data exchange can be established with both on-premises and cloud systems.

At the same time, the pre-configured application from Nexocraft ensures seamless integration of data for subsequent intelligent monitoring.

3. Prevent failures

All process parameters and setpoints of the production lines as well as external factors are put together in The Industrial Health Scoring tool within the runs a fully automatic monitoring of the technical system in real time using artificial intelligence. With the help of intelligent monitoring, failures are identified and fixed immediately down to sensor level. Your engineers need neither programming skills nor data science expertise; they can operate with a graphical user interface.


New process parameter sets can be tested seamlessly and safely. Connectware provides a separate testing environment for that, and from Nexocraft digitally simulates and evaluates the changed parameters. As a result, the risk-free optimization for use in the production environment is guaranteed.

From collecting data to preventing production downtime:

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Eliminate production downtime with Cybus

Every factory is unique. Danny Rybakowski, our Partner Manager, knows exactly how to avoid failures in your production. He looks forward to your enquiry and is happy to guide you on your journey to success.

Danny Rybakowski

Partner Manager
+49 40 2285 86 85 16

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