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Make Use of Your Shop Floor Data

Connectivity Software for Industrial Data-Driven Services.




Inside Cybus

The locally installed Cybus Connectware bridges the gap between high security requirements of manufacturing and logistics environments and the connected world of digital services. It acts as translator between protocols and management layer, which allows easy, precise and controllable access by data consumers.

Cross-data integration into on-site IT systems, local pre-processing (fog computing) and detailed usage statistics are further functions which qualify the Connectware as a central data hub for the modern factory and industrial internet business cases.


Full Connectivity


Thanks to the plug-and-play connectivity with legacy interfaces, Cybus Connectware can easily be integrated into any shop floor environment. Today, we support OPC-UA, Modbus, CAN-Bus, BACnet, MQTT, REST, SICK SOPAS, HBM-DAQ, ISO over TCP (S7), Profinet and Heidenhain without further hardware.

We continually expand the range of protocols to cover every possible industrial use case.

Overview: Connectivity, Services & Standards


Process Standardization


The number of digital services you use in your factory is already big and is only getting bigger. At the same time, most of these digital services require data from your production as continuous input resource or are even only set up in order to collect insights from your machines or shop floor.

As we are used to decide if we are willing to “send anonymous usage data to the manufacturer” or “share my location and address book with my favorite app”, it makes sense to finally provide this layer of control to the industrial internet.

Overview: Connectivity, Services & Standards


Modular Services


We unify the highest industrial requirements and modern internet technology. Thus, Cybus enables various services, such as remote maintenance, predictive analytics, or factory dashboards by simply providing an individual Docker Image. Our Connectware provides the right architecture for developers and providers of digital services to directly enable factories making use of their platform-based software without any additional integration work.

As a result, equipment Connectware users benefit from much higher flexibility as well as technological reliability. They can now adapt to the fast-paced requirement changes of their production without inversive interruption for deploying new services.

Overview: Connectivity, Services & Standards




The Cybus Connectware acts as a strict separator between sensitive production networks, internal and external IT-systems. Southbound, the Connectware collects data from field devices. Northbound, we provide an encrypted MQTT API and isolated individual containers for pre-processing and push connectivity to databases, clouds or other IT-systems.

Full and easy control about data access rules and allowed network connections is now back in the hands of the production operator.

Overview: Connectivity, Services & Standards


Cloud Independent


Cybus Connectware is a standalone, locally installed data distribution infrastructure that is compatible with all cloud solutions. It helps you avoid lock-in and data silos and allows you to send the right data to the right place from a central point, for example simultaneously to a Smartwatch, your ERP or MES system, a Data Lake in your company cloud and in portals of your suppliers and customers.

Overview: Connectivity, Services & Standards


Simple API


Cybus is not restricted to any particular application but rather provides an open API to machine data.

This makes it easy to pull data, but we can also easily push to any web service endpoint. This makes Cybus a good choice for any system architecture in combination with an arbitrary application service.

Overview: Connectivity, Services & Standards

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