News | 25.01.2017

Cybus and Omnio Announce Partnership for the Industrial Internet of Things

Today, Cybus and Omnio announce their new partnership. Their combined solution will bring Industry 4.0 closer to reality, by offering the easiest and most secure device connectivity on the market for the full device data chain.

Extracting any data from industrial devices requires integration work for each new device. Omnio provides a plug and play integration for industrial devices, from a growing list of major companies like Danfoss, Siemens and ABB. With Omnio, users have access to proprietary device-specific data otherwise difficult to get and experience a drastic improvement of integration time from days to seconds. Thus, customers of the two companies can now use a complete, streamlined solution for installing, provisioning and configuring their devices.

With this latest enrichment of its ecosystem, Cybus is extending its partner network within the IIoT sphere in Germany, France, and now Denmark.

About Omnio:

Omnio was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen and provides plug and play integration for industrial devices, enabling the Industrial Internet of Things. The main use-case is to shorten integration time to extract data from a certain device – such as a pump, valve or water meter – from days to seconds. The service supports industrial devices from a growing list of major companies like Danfoss, Siemens and ABB, and works with your existing IoT platform.

The company provides the specific device profiles necessary to know what to communicate to the device in order to extract any data from the device. Omnio also processes and aligns the data, making it useful and interoperable. The company provides its services to pure-play integrators, OEMs as integrators or service companies and other end users of such device profiles.

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