Cybus Connectware

The software to digitize your production in only a few weeks

Pave the way for digitization

No more fragmented data flow and lock-ins

The slow pace of digitalization is caused by several barriers such as the heterogeneity of production environments, security concerns, working across data silos or missing communication between OT and IT. Factories also experience technical debts from the historically grown production infrastructure. Resulting vendor lock-ins could hinder the integration of new and more competitive technologies for future development. The right Industrial IoT software is therefore the backbone of each factory.

grow without barriers

A factory full of knowledge

No more sunk cost or data loss

Initial digital projects implemented without a central data hub tend to create an inconsistent and fragmented data flow between production and IT. The results are blind spots in production processes and data silos. This not only hinders deployment, but also the piloting of additional use cases. By contrast, with a common data infrastructure, you reduce hidden costs and the loss of valuable knowledge.

Easy digitalization with a seamless data flow

The Smart Factory data infrastructure fully integrates production and IT

The modern software solution provides a shared data basis with applicable real-time data. The typical barriers are dissolved as Connectware connects your production with your IT, every application and every system. The central data source provides all assets and resources to digitize your factory – all from one software.

How Cybus Connectware accelerates your digitalization

Purpose built for your IT and your production

Shop floor integration

Any device | Any PLC | Unified Namespace | Factory-wide transparency

IT friendly

Runs 100% on-premises | Cloud-native technologies | Automation | Integration | Security | No technical debts | IoT standards


Access control & roles | User identities |
TLS | Network segmentation

Multiple use cases

Production management | Maintenance | Optimization | Energy management | Tool interaction | Quality assurance | many more

Multiple target systems

Cloud integration | Legacy IT | Machine Learning | Data collaboration


Application Enablement | Docker applications | algorithms | Third-party connectors

Security across networks

Deployed in your factory network

Cybus Connectware is easily deployed at the edge of your factory network – without downtime in your production environment. The software runs on the local network and enables near real-time data, lowest latency and gives you the ability to work with a high data load.

Secure gateway between shop floor and IT

Building a technology-neutral layer, Connectware decouples data collection from data usage. External requests no longer access your PLCs and shop floor directly, but are addressed via the highly secure technology-neutral layer. The built-in access rights management delivers full control over your data: You decide, who can use which data in which application or system.


Shop floor integration

Collect, standardize, process and distribute

Cybus Connectware not only collects data, but also standardizes it to a common language, preprocesses it according to your requirements and distributes it to any system, application or cloud. As a result, you can instantly display your data on the dashboards, perform advanced analytics or machine learning.

Digital projects and use cases

Which IIoT use case are you planning?

Realize any IIoT use case on your digital roadmap

Manufacturing companies use the industrial IoT software Cybus Connectware to implement their diverse Smart Factory use cases – universally for every machine, plant and application. Thanks to the global data flow, IIoT use cases such as traceability, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance can be easily tested, implemented and scaled.

Cybus Connectware

Accelerate your digital transformation

Secure access to your production data

industrial iot use cases

Realize all use cases with one single software

The best foundation is a universal data infrastructure

The whole Smart Factory in one software

Centralized and user-friendly integration and orchestration

Ready for a demo?

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