Cybus Connectware

Data integration at scale

One central software to connect the most complex production environments with your IT systems

Rollout mit nur einem Befehl: So skaliert die Datenintegration mit Cybus

Less downtime


Cloud cost savings


Scrap reduction


Energy savings


Leading manufacturers rely on Cybus Connectware

Metal processing | Automotive | Toolmaking | Agriculture

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Enterprise-wide industrial data infrastructure

The foundational layer for your whole digitalization

Cybus Connectware is a centralized and scalable Factory Data Hub that collects, processes and distributes industrial data. It supports large-scale configurations along multiple factory sites and is tailored for production-critical operations.

Unlock the power of data with performance, speed and scalability

Build on a seamless infrastructure and IT OT integration to accelerate your digitalization initiatives

Industrial data access for OT, IT and beyond

Empower the people in your organization to drive innovation and excellence


Work independently from IT

Integrate shop floor assets quickly and effortlessly to deliver real-time data insights.


Full data governance

Provide real-time industrial data access to the people who need it. Secure, unified and manageable.

Departments and use cases

Realize your use cases in weeks 

Drive business by rapidly executing initiatives that require production data.

Tailored for all your digital use cases

Build your business cases on real-time data

Main features of Connectware

Secure data integration for large scale setups

Secure by design

Highly secure by decoupling data collection from usage

  • Network segmentation
  • TLS and mTLS support
  • LDAP integration

Cloud, edge & hybrid

Setup is 100% agnostic to your cloud strategy

  • Cloud-native technology
  • Runs on-premises or in the cloud
  • Supports hybrid setups (on-premises & cloud)

Scalability & performance

Handle large amounts of data streams

  • High availability setups for clusterable deployments (e.g., Kubernetes)
  • Helm Charts
  • Load Balancing


IT tools and principles for Smart Factory operations

  • DevOps workflows and CI/CD
  • Automation-ready (Ansible, Kubernetes, GitLab …)
  • Unified Namespace

Power of code

Use the advantage of the versatility of code compared to restrictive no-code tools

  • Large scale configuration through infrastructure as code
  • Version control
  • Automated deployment, configuration and management

Global data governance

Enable data usage and match security requirements

  • Granular access management down to selected data endpoints
  • State of the art data sharing with DIN SPEC 27070
  • Data sovereignty through edge deployment

The user interface at a glance

Intuitive configurations and guided integration for complex environments

Service overview

Information on all running services including status and deviations of services in one place.

Cybus connectware UI Services

Service details

Relevant details about a service and the resources it uses, such as connections and endpoints, are listed here.

Data explorer

Explore the live data streams in a data topology visualization.

Users and roles

Organize access and user rights to keep your data secure.

Industrial IoT architecture

Integrate your factory and enterprise setups with Connectware

Deployed in your factory network

Easily deploy Connectware at the edge of your factory networks – without downtime in your production environment.

Secure gateway between shop floors and IT

Building a technology-neutral layer, Connectware decouples data collection from data usage.

Industrial Connectivity

Full shop floor and IT integration with our supported connectors and devices

Licenses and plans

We offer the right plan for your production and each of your projects

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