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Hannover Messe 2022

Cybus nimmt an der Hannovermesse 2022 teil

About the Event

The HANNOVER MESSE is the most important international platform and hotspot for industrial change – with outstanding innovations and exceptional products. The latest trends on Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, digital transformation and much more.

Here you will find all the important info that makes one thing even clearer: A visit to our booth is an absolute “must”!

Program highlights

Former CEO of Siemens Business Unit Factory Automation

Ralf-Michael Franke

Board Member at Cybus

Tuesday, 31. May | 10:30 AM – 11:30 am

Meet & Greet with Ralf-Michael Franke

The Industrial IoT of tomorrow

Hall 4, booth F32 | Cybus

Meet Ralf-Michael Franke in an expert-dialog on May 31 from 10:30 am – 11:30 am. You can expect an exciting exchange on topics such as OT-IT convergence, data sovereignty and the future of a smart factory.

“All factories that do not address the topics of Industry 4.0, networking of machines and analytics of machine data will disappear from the market. And the others will grow.”

Ralf-Michael Franke

Head of Industrial Projects, Deutsche Nickel

Felix Ebberg

Tuesday, 31. May | 3:00 Pm – 4:00 Pm

Meet & Greet with Deutsche Nickel GmbH

Digital Transformation of Metal Processing

Hall 4, booth F32 | Cybus

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Deutsche Nickel GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of nickel and nickel alloy wire and rod. With digital transformation projects and an action-oriented digitalisation roadmap, Deutsche Nickel successfully meets market challenges such as increasing demand, high quality requirements and production efficiency. Together with Cybus, Deutsche Nickel implements first IIoT use cases in just six weeks and brings smart manufacturing and process transparency to your plant. At our booth, Felix Ebberg tells us how he and his team defined the first steps and implemented them in record time.

Head of Product, Cybus

Jonas Schramm

Wednesday, 01. JunE | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

With the right software in just a few steps to a smart factory

Keynote speech

Hall 4, booth F32 | Cybus

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It is no longer possible to imagine efficient, reliable production without the smart factory. The fourth industrial revolution is also on everyone’s lips in the midmarket sector, and with it the hurdles to be overcome for gradual integration.

So how do we deal with a heterogeneous machine park when IT places the highest demands on digital security and the production manager specifies the guaranteed transfer of standardised data between IT and OT as a condition for introducing digital processes? And how do we manage not to miss the next technological step in the fast-moving IT world due to lock-ins and other additional barriers.

We can confidently overcome these hurdles by using the right software.

CEO of Cybus

Peter Sorowka

Thursday, 02. June, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Industry 4.0 Beyond Pilots

Keynote speech

Hall 4, booth F32 | Cybus

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Why do most Industrie 4.0 projects never reach the rollout phase? This masterclass uses real customer examples to show the difference between standard approaches and successful rollouts of digital projects.

The solution lies within three core factors: technology, processes and people.
For each factor, key aspects are highlighted that enabled a successful rollout and led to best practices for manufacturers.

Through the seamless interaction of these three components, we have succeeded in leading our customers out of the pilot phase and actually implementing factory-wide Industrie 4.0 projects. We ensure that use cases are implemented at the highest speed and at minimal cost by standardising the connection of plants, systems and applications, and by ensuring the automation and scalability of all processes and complete rollouts

Cybus Connectware Demo auf der Hannovermesse 2022

Monday & Wednesday, 30. May and 01. June, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Demo: Cybus Connectware

One platform for all IIoT projects

Hall 4, booth F32 | Cybus

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The leading Factory Data Hub Connectware is suitable for the first steps of digitization up to Smart Factory Transformation. In addition to full store floor connectivity, Connectware creates a scalable data architecture for digital projects without boundaries.

The Cybus Connectware demos will take place on May 30 and June 01 from 3 pm to 4 pm each day. Reserve your spot now and make a personal appointment at the booth.

Webinar (German) | Success factors for digital production

Deutsche Nickel live Interview on May 24, 2 a.m.

Join our webinar and learn in a live interview how the german nickel wire and rod manufacturer Deutsche Nickel GmbH managed with the help of Cybus to digitalise its production within only 6 weeks.

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