Digital transformation in metal processing

An actionable roadmap and first productive use cases in just six weeks

» Cybus enables us to implement parallel projects centrally and uniformly – even across different phases. At the same time, we remain strategically and technologically independent and have sustainable cost savings along our digitization roadmap. «

Felix Ebberg, Lead Industrial Projects, Deutsche Nickel GmbH

» We are simultaneously implementing a whole range of projects and use cases in the area of digital transformation. For this, we chose Cybus and their Connectware because they are the only ones that meet our requirements for brownfield implementation with a future-proof data infrastructure. Our first use case was implemented in a very short time. «

Wolfgang Raulf, Managing Director, Deutsche Nickel GmbH


Traditional company meets digital transformation

Successful with the right strategy and future-proof technology

Success Story mit Deutsche Nickel GmbH zur digitalen Transformation in der Metallverarbeitung

Deutsche Nickel GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of nickel and nickel alloy wire and rod. With digital transformation projects and an action-oriented digitalization roadmap, Deutsche Nickel successfully meets challenges such as increasing demand, high quality requirements and production efficiency. Together with Cybus, Deutsche Nickel implements the first IIoT use case in just six weeks and brings smart manufacturing and process transparency to its shop floor.

Towards digital transformation in just six weeks

Any digitalization project can be realized with the optimal data infrastructure

In just one and a half days, Deutsche Nickel has developed a digitalization roadmap with result-oriented and individually tailored use cases in the Digital Roadmap Workshop with Cybus. Where previously challenging requirements slowed down their digitization projects, Connectware’s industrial data infrastructure now makes it possible to implement all planned steps with the latest technology.

Successful digitalization with the right use cases

Effective measures for profitable results

Every investment in digitization projects must ultimately contribute to increasing profitability. That is why Cybus always identifies concrete use cases with its customers.

With a clear prioritization, Deutsche Nickel focused on the following use cases:

  • Real-time Traceability
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Data infrastructure

Start profiting from your machine data

Universal data infrastructure makes any IIoT project feasible

With the deployment of Connectware, Deutsche Nickel has laid the foundation for their successful transformation to a smart factory. Internal teams now have constant access to all relevant production and machine data. As a result, all planned projects can be implemented independently thanks to the universal data infrastructure.

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    Best way to start a professional digital transformation

    Achieve your digitalization goals with the right approach

    After the workshop, you will have a digital production strategy, a digital roadmap and an effective action plan for your digital transformation. A concrete implementation plan enables direct realization of use cases and leads to immediate cost savings through targeted measures.


    Digitize your factories with a scalable data infrastructure

    One software for holistic connectivity

    With the leading factory data hub Connectware you realize your first steps of digitalization up to full Smart Factory transformation. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware also creates a scalable data infrastructure for your digital projects – without limits.


    Shop floor integration

    Collect, standardize, process and distribute

    Cybus Connectware not only collects data, but also standardizes it to a common language, preprocesses it according to your requirements and distributes it to any system, application or cloud. As a result, you can instantly display your data on the dashboards, perform advanced analytics or machine learning.

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