News | 15.05.2024

Automobil Produktion Kongress 2024

The automotive industry event for production optimization, logistics, sustainability and purchasing

2024, May 16-17

For years, the Automobil Produktion Kongress has been the event that accompanies change in production. Decision-makers and managers in the automotive industry are facing a wide range of challenges. The Automobil Produktion Kongress categorized these challenges and pointed the way for the transformation in production and logistics at automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. The conference provided a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Cybus Connectware, the Factory Data Hub, was presented on site in Munich.

CEO of Cybus

Peter Sorowka


Are you sure you have laid the foundation for smart manufacturing?

How to challenge the status quo of IT/OT convergence

In his presentation, our CEO Peter Sorowka demonstrated how the foundations for smart manufacturing can be laid. The key highlights:

  • How do different paradigms between IT and OT slow down innovation?
  • How essential is bridging the gap between the two departments?
  • The synergy effects of shared metrics and KPIs

Integration of OT und IT

Automotive Success Story

In our success story, we look at how a German automotive company seamlessly integrates OT and IT with the Factory Data Hub from Cybus.

Data integration at scale

Scale your digital initiatives in 12 weeks

  • Reduce downtime by 8%
  • Lower energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Connectware integrates all your machines and systems – regardless of the manufacturer

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