News | 20.11.2023

Recap of the SPS 2023 in Nuremberg

Bringing automation to life with Cybus Connectware

SPS 2023 Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg is over and it’s time for a quick recap. The exhibition showcased the full range of smart and digital automation, from the latest sensors to innovative intelligent solutions, illustrating the potential of fully digitized industrial manufacturing. Cybus was an integral part of SPS with a very busy booth, three keynotes and our popular Gin & Tonic networking event.

With over 1200 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees, the visitors could experience the perfect solutions for their automation needs. Over the course of three days, visitors at our booth discovered how to integrate their manufacturing operations and IT systems using Cybus Connectware. This Factory Data Hub enables enterprises to launch their digital initiatives quickly and autonomously.

This year, companies continue to face the challenge of reducing manufacturing costs and increasing efficiency while pursuing the digital transformation of their manufacturing operations. Highly relevant topics at SPS 2023 included optimized energy efficiency, generative AI, and the changing role of MES. It is apparent that companies want to see results from their digitalization efforts and are looking for partners to support them get there.

Keynote | MES – make or buy?

With a Factory Data Hub to a flexible MES

On the first day of SPS, our Head of Partner Management, Danny Rybakowski, and Senior Management Advisor at NTT DATA, Gero Adrian, answered the question “MES – make or buy”?

As manufacturing complexity grows, flexible shop floor systems are needed, questioning the effectiveness of monolithic MES systems. Pre-built MES solutions often lack specific needs and scalability. Building your own solution allows for adaptive implementation, cyber-physical systems and event-driven architectures.

Danny and Gero presented future-proof solutions that can deliver and process critical data for manufacturing. Many manufacturers choose a flexible system with a centralized Factory Data Hub and composable applications to execute operations. The Data Hub provides an infrastructure for change and scaling demands. It delivers real-time and event data to ensure data availability and cybersecurity.

Keynote | The crucial role of energy management in Smart Factories

How three companies take active steps against energy waste

Energy Management Keynote of Cybus at the SPS in Nuremberg

On the second day, Jonas Schramm, our Head of Strategic Initiatives, showcased three customer examples of how to actively tackle energy waste. The goals:

  • Secure funding
  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce costs

In his keynote, Jonas used examples from the food and beverage, metalworking, and engineering industries to demonstrate the impact of a Factory Data Hub. By meticulously tracking and evaluating energy usage, companies can improve their efficiency, reduce costs and incorporate renewable energy to lower their ecological footprint. 

Effective energy management is essential in transitioning from traditional to Smart Factories. Through efficient energy management,  companies can maintain competitive advantage and profitability during their digital transformation, while also contributing to sustainable ETA practices.

Keynote | Mastering data integration at scale

How to minimize marginal costs and time to value

An image from the Cybus keynote by Danny Rybakowski at SPS 2022.

On the last day of SPS, even a rail worker strike could not keep attendees from joining the keynote of our Head of Partner Management, Danny Rybakowski. 

Adopting a cloud-first strategy for factories is crucial amid evolving tech, supply chain challenges and security concerns. The ability to derive value from data offers great value by enhancing production efficiency, ESG compliance and customer satisfaction.

Danny explained how to integrate systems with MES, PLM, ERP and cloud services for AI and data science. This gives shop floor and business users the freedom to innovate, while maintaining global data models and IT governance.

With a Factory Data Hub, you can accelerate Industrial IoT initiatives company-wide with near-zero marginal cost, reduced risk and maximized ROI. The keynote explored how to adapt the organizational structure to support this change.

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