Events | 02.06.2023

Upcoming Cybus events in 2024

Industry 4.0 is all about collaboration

So let us connect. Be it on-site and in person at fairs or online with webinars or other event formats. We look forward to meeting you at Cybus events!

June 2024

June 06-07, 2024

Data in Manufacturing & Smart Industry Summit 2024

munich, Germany

The Data in Manufacturing & Smart Industry Summit 2024 focuses on the role of data within modern manufacturing processes. This summit brings together industry experts, researchers and practitioners to dive into the practical applications, challenges and opportunities surrounding data utilization in the manufacturing sector.

September/October 2024

September 29 – october 01, 2024

Industry of Things World Europe 2024

Berlin, Germany

The Industry of Things World Europe 2024 conference serves as a gathering for industry experts, thought leaders and professionals in the realm of Industrial IoT. This event, renowned for its emphasis on practical insights and real-world applications, aims to explore the evolving landscape of IoT in industrial settings.

November 2024

November 12-14, 2024

SPS 2024

nuremberg, Germany

SPS, short for Smart Production Solutions, is a globally recognized trade fair focusing on industrial automation. Encompassing the full range of smart and digital automation technologies, from basic sensors to advanced solutions, it offers a glimpse into the future of fully digitized industrial operations.

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