Workshops for a digital production

Results-oriented workshops empower you to autonomously digitize your production

Digital transformation workshops

Realize digital projects independently

Expert workshops and consulting tailored to your production

Your digitization projects and your digital vision become reality with the support of project- and topic-related workshops. Our Industrial IoT experts provide you with both strategic and practical knowledge, tailored specifically to your situation. With a workshop, you can already save costs in the short term through targeted measures. Implement the right use cases and empower your organization for smart factory transformation.


Digital Transparency Workshop

The foundation for Industry 4.0

With this workshop you create the basis for Industry 4.0 use cases and digital processes. We will develop a concrete execution plan with you to increase your production transparency. You will be able to use your production data and optimize your machine planning.


Process Digitalization Workshop

Consistent system landscape

The Process Digitization Workshop identifies and resolves disruptions in your historically grown system landscape, enabling you to significantly save time and reduce costs. You profitably apply your production data and develop a concrete implementation plan.


Confidently achieve digital production with the expert workshops


Use Case Workshop

The hands-on introduction

The perfect workshop as an actionable introduction to Industrie 4.0 based on concrete use cases. Based on a comprehensive use case portfolio, we jointly identify the use cases relevant to you and develop a concrete implementation strategy.


Digital Roadmap Workshop

Holistic analysis and strategic alignment of your organization

Together with you, we develop a digital roadmap to achieve your digital vision. You save costs with targeted measures, implement the right use cases and empower your organization strategically and operationally on the way to the Smart Factory.

Digital production in just a few weeks

Request your workshop now and make the realization of your digital projects a success.

    Which workshop are you interested in?

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    First results after one workshop

    Deutsche Nickel takes off with the Digital Roadmap Workshop

    The right strategy and future-proof technology

    Deutsche Nickel GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of nickel and nickel alloy wire and rod. With digital transformation projects and an action-oriented digitalization roadmap, Deutsche Nickel successfully meets market challenges such as increasing demand, high quality requirements and production efficiency. Together with Cybus, Deutsche Nickel realizes first IIoT use cases in only six weeks and brings smart manufacturing and process transparency to your plant.

    »We implement a whole range of projects and use cases in the area of digital transformation simultaneously. In this context, we chose Cybus and their Connectware because they are the only ones who meet our requirements for implementation in the brownfield with a future-proof data infrastructure. The first use case was implemented in a very short time.«

    Wolfgang Raulf, Managing Director, Deutsche Nickel GmbH

    »Cybus enables us to centrally and uniformly realize multiple projects running in parallel – even across different phases. In doing so, we remain strategically and technologically independent and
    have sustainable cost savings along our digitization roadmap.«

    Felix Ebberg, Lead Industrial Projects, Deutsche Nickel GmbH

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