MES Integration with Cybus

Fast and easy MES connection without interrupting the running production


All production processes under control

Seamless digitization of the entire shop floor

With a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) you ensure that the production processes are carried out at the right time and by the right employees. With the MES you get full transparency and control over all activities of your production. Integrate any MES into your factory with Cybus and start achieving your business goals today.

just one step to more efficient production

Integrate MES in record time

Connectware can collect data from any machine or plant. Individually pre-processed, your live data is converted into the required target format and integrated into your MES.

Connectware creates the perfect database for fast and holistic MES integration.


Test and select MES in live operation

Since MES integration with Cybus does not require any intervention in live production, you can also test and evaluate different MES against each other. This allows you to identify the optimal system for your company.

The powerful Manufacturing Data Platform is suitable for any production environment and all systems due to its independent design.

smart factory TRANSFORMATION

Effortlessly implement further use cases

Cybus Connectware connects your production and IT with a standardized connectivity layer. This allows you to send production data to any system, application or cloud. In addition to data distribution to your MES, you can use the data simultaneously for other use cases, such as analytics or traceability.

MES Integration with Cybus

All benefits in one software

Fast integration

Connectware integrates your entire running production in just a few working days. You benefit from a seamless and omni-directional connectivity layer.


With Cybus you remain vendor-independent: Change your systems and devices without the typical barriers in IT.

increased roi from machine data

Directly derive value from your real-time machine data for production optimization, down-time reduction and improved maintenance processes.


The digital foundation layer creates a data infrastructure for any use case, transformation and new investment. Once implemented, you are set up for the future.

realization of all iiot use cases

Cybus Connectware establishes a scalable and high-performance data infrastructure that allows you to realize any digital use case.

mes integration

MES integration with Cybus is the most sustainable way to the most efficient and optimal production.

cybus connectware

Scalable data infrastructure for Smart Factory

Holistic factory connectivity with one platform

The leading Manufacturing Data Platform Connectware is suitable for the first steps of digitalization up to Smart Factory Transformation. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware creates a scalable data infrastructure for digital projects without boundaries. One platform for all IIoT projects, independent of interfaces and manufacturers.

Integrate your MES with Cybus

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Would you like to find out what you can achieve with Cybus Connectware in your factory? We would be happy to discuss your requirements and plans with you and guide you through the Manufacturing Data Platform Connectware in a live demo.

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Further use cases with the Manufacturing Data Platform

Realize any use case with a universal data infrastructure

Numerous companies rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, the automotive industry or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on a universal data infrastructure with Connectware

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