Food & Beverages manufacturer secures government funding through energy management


More than just energy savings

Successful energy audits for significant government funding 
Secure data access for third-party systems
Future-proof, vendor-independent data infrastructure


Food & Beverages






Losing funding due to lack of energy data insights 

  • Opportunity for government funding requires in-depth data analysis
  • Required energy audits are not feasible with current setup 
  • Complex, heterogeneous source systems challenging to integrate


Unifying energy data via a standardized interface

✔ Energy meters and building management system provide energy data

✔ Connectware collects energy data and makes it available to other systems

✔ Uniform interface for heterogeneous source systems


Vendor-independent data infrastructure


Secure data access for third party systems


Through successful data audits


Integrating energy meters at the edge

  • Connectware runs on customer’s local data center
  • Integration of production assets with ModbusTCP, Janitza energy meters, Keyence flow sensors and IT systems such as MsSQL Database, InfluxDB, JEVis Energy Monitoring ENVIDATEC and Grafana

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PDF cover of an energy management case study

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