OEE with Cybus

Achieve significant performance improvements on your shop floor

Overall Equipment Effectiveness | use case

Set an example for effectiveness

Best practice for efficient production

By measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), you create the best conditions for increasing your plant productivity and continuously optimizing production. OEE metrics offer you enormous potential to increase your production capacity, reduce costs and improve quality. Realize the OEE use case in the shortest possible time and gain indispensable insights to systematically improve your production processes.

rapid realization of oee

Collect machine data in real-time

With Cybus Connectware, you collect relevant machine data on-premise and in near real-time. Thanks to its broad connectivity portfolio, Cybus Connectware collects data from almost any device and asset. You completely bypass reprogramming of controllers and do not rely on additional functional blocks.


Transfer data to any system

Cybus Connectware not only collects data, but pre-processes it according to your requirements. It distributes your data to any system, application or cloud. This way, you gain all the data you need for your OEE metrics and integrate it effortlessly with your existing systems or new applications of your choice.

optimal data usage

Reliable production optimization

Visualize your OEE metrics in easy-to-use dashboards and get instant live insights into your production. With Cybus, you access direct connections to automatic OEE drop downs at site, hall, line or machine level. More complex OEE analyses are also possible, e.g. with the help of AI algorithms via partner applications.

smart factory TRANSFORMATION

Effortlessly implement further use cases

Cybus Connectware connects your production and IT with a standardized connectivity layer. This allows you to send production data to any system, application or cloud. In addition to data distribution to your MES, you can use the data simultaneously for other use cases, such as analytics or traceability.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness mit Cybus

All benefits with one software


Pre-installed protocols accelerate the connection of your machines enormously. This also allows you to get the right data quickly and easily.

data visualization

With the pre-installed and individually customizable dashboard, you visualize your machine data in a comprehensible and easy-to-use way for your employees.

immediate roi from machine data

Through continuous monitoring and evaluation, you gain valuable insights and are able to make the right decisions for production optimization.

efficient production

With the help of your data, you can systematically identify potentials to reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency in your production lines.


With Cybus Connectware, you establish a scalable data infrastructure in your shop floor that allows you to realize universal connectivity and any IIoT use case.

Overall Equipment effectivenesS

OEE is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Put OEE to work with Cybus.

cybus connectware

Scalable data infrastructure for Smart Factory

Holistic factory connectivity with one platform

The leading Factory Data Hub Connectware is suitable for the first steps of digitalization up to Smart Factory Transformation. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware creates a scalable data infrastructure for digital projects without boundaries. One platform for all IIoT projects, independent of interfaces and manufacturers.

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Further use cases with the Factory Data Hub

Realize any use case with a universal data infrastructure

Leading manufacturers rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, automotive or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on the Factory Data Hub


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