Integration of OT and IT

Cybus implements digital solutions in production by integrating OT and IT

The use case is an example of the Volkswagen Group taking big steps towards a scalable and future-proof production IT landscape. As a partner of the Industrial Cloud Community, Cybus is proud to support this.

Peter Sorowka, CEO, Cybus


Cybus realizes digital solutions in production by integrating OT and IT

A framework for digital solutions along the manufacturing chain

A common data infrastructure and universal cloud connectivity based on Cybus Connectware has been implemented at the Porsche plants in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and Leipzig. The Industrial Cloud Community Partner Cybus provides a technology-neutral framework with which a wide variety of digital solutions along the manufacturing chain can be implemented compatibly and efficiently.


An overarching data strategy

The foundation for digitization in production plants

The digitization of production and logistics in the automotive industry is taking place through many small solutions developed along the entire manufacturing chain. For fast and effective development of compatible use cases, factory modernization requires a technology-neutral framework that connects operational technology (OT) with factory IT. Porsche has taken on this challenge and developed an overarching data strategy together with its industrial cloud community partner Cybus. The plants in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and Leipzig are pilot plants for setting up a solution that could be scaled to other locations in the Volkswagen Group in the future. The solution is based
on the Factory Data Hub, Cybus Connectware, and enables universal cloud connectivity and a shared data infrastructure.

The neutral technical framework for factory modernization

With more than 1000 machines from different manufacturers in a single hall, the complexity of digitizing production sites becomes clear. For almost every machine, a special digital solution or individual integration into the cloud was previously necessary to make cross-plant analyses and optimization measures possible.

Avoids downtime, enables flexibility, and masters high data loads

In addition, the demands on an infrastructure are high: it must be performant, avoid downtime, enable flexibility and be reliable to handle a high data load. The sports car manufacturer is successfully meeting these challenges with a comprehensive data strategy. As an essential component, the Factory Data Hub of the Industrial Cloud Community Partner Cybus creates a technology-neutral layer that seamlessly integrates OT and IT.

The Factory Data Hub is a breakthrough in manufacturing IT

Cybus’ on-premises Industrial IoT solution collects operational data, which is then harmonized and transferred to the cloud. The centralized data infrastructure creates autonomy of applications, systems and environments and covers overarching security and specific data protocol requirements. As high-performance and easy-to-maintain software, Connectware runs 24 hours without downtime in the three-shift system of production plants. This is achieved through the use of Kubernetes clusters running Cybus Connectware – a breakthrough in production IT.

The technical architecture with Cybus Connectware in the Porsche plants in Leipzig and Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

For high-tech automotive factories, OT and IT are seamlessly connected.

The implementation of the Industrial IoT Edge Layer from Cybus enables the holistic management of data streams across OT and IT boundaries and realizes the high demands on IT infrastructure and security. As a pioneer in the Volkswagen Group, Porsche thus achieves full flexibility and scalability for its digital projects as well as a flexible transformation from gasoline to hybrid to fully electric automobile production. And thus, sets the course for the future of automobile production.

Use cases in the areas of logistics, maintenance and production

Cybus’ Factory Data Hub has already been used to implement initial use cases in the areas of logistics, maintenance and production. Examples are the applications Industrial Computer Vision (ICV), which enables guided installation, documentation and quality control of signs and labels in production, and the Call Rocker Solution, which automates replenishment in SAP logistics systems.


Seamless data integration at scale

One software for holistic connectivity

With the leading Factory Data Hub Connectware you are set up for both: your first steps of digitalization up to a holistic Smart Factory transformation at scale. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware also creates a scalable data infrastructure for your digital projects – highly available and secure.

Start now with Cybus

Would you like to find out what you can achieve with Cybus Connectware in your factory? We would be happy to discuss your requirements and plans with you and guide you through the Factory Data Hub Connectware in a live demo.

Best practices from smart productions

The success stories of our customers show how the strategic decision for a Factory Data Hub scales future-proof

Leading manufacturers rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, automotive or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on the Factory Data Hub


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