Data architecture with Cybus

The strategic choice for OT/IT collaboration and scalable transformation


A central data architecture solves all barriers

Scalability, modularity, connectivity and absolute independence

The implementation of a data architecture guarantees long-term success: detached from the conventional automation level, Cybus enables the seamless flow of data between OT and IT. It promotes the indispensable and essential OT-IT collaboration for digital projects. With the central data architecture, Industrial IoT use cases are realized and rolled out in record time, services and systems are seamlessly integrated. You remain absolutely independent in the face of rapid change and growing market demands.


Highest performance and unlimited scalability

Specifically built for industry, the technology of Cybus Connectware redefines scalability: In just one step, you roll out your digital projects across machines, production lines or even factories in a matter of seconds. At the same time, Connectware guarantees continuous availability and maximum performance of your production.


Central data acquisition according to your requirements

With Cybus Connectware, production data is collected, standardized and pre-processed locally: You define your individual thresholds, notification criteria and rules for data pre-processing while remaining independent of the cloud. Through the strict security gate and access rights management, you decide which data is transmitted to authorized target applications, systems and clouds.

leveraging optimization potential

Use machine data proactively

When you monitor and leverage your machine data, continuous improvement succeeds: Cybus’ universal data infrastructure provides you with all the data you need to optimize production so that you can:

  • Identify inefficient processes
  • Reduce downtime and repair times
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Data architecture with Cybus

All benefits in one software


Connectware integrates your entire running production in just a few working days. You benefit from a seamless and omni-directional connectivity layer.

any environment

Connectware seamlessly integrates with your existing technology and data infrastructure. No PLC reprogramming and no downtime during integration.


Connectware runs locally in your factory. As a result, it enables near real-time data processing compared to data processing in the cloud.

stable load distribution

Autonomous load balancing and agents ensure uninterrupted connectivity at peak data loads and significantly reduce your production downtime.

realization of all iiot use cases

Cybus Connectware establishes a scalable and high-performance data infrastructure that allows you to realize any digital use case.

data architecture

Establish a sustainable data infrastructure with Cybus and its latest technology for scaling and independence.

cybus connectware

Scalable data infrastructure for Smart Factory

Holistic factory connectivity with one platform

The leading Factory Data Hub Connectware is suitable for the first steps of digitalization up to Smart Factory Transformation. In addition to full shop floor connectivity, Connectware creates a scalable data infrastructure for digital projects without boundaries. One platform for all IIoT projects, independent of interfaces and manufacturers.

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Further use cases with the Factory Data Hub

Realize any use case with a universal data infrastructure

Leading manufacturers rely on Cybus

Whether metal processing, automotive or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on the Factory Data Hub


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