Your Industrial Connectivity

Cybus Connectware lets you connect digital services as easily as installing apps on your smartphone and keeps you in full control of who is allowed to access which data from your production line.

A single Connectware installation bundles multiple machines and services and lets you keep control of all data that is about to leave your factory.

Digitizing Factories
the Right Way

We break up data silos in a controllable way. For the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machines can no longer be isolated on their shop floor. They need to be interconnected and have to interact with other production lines, IT systems and – most importantly – internal and external digital services. For that, data infrastructure is required to extend across multiple sites and even company boundaries in a secure, easy to manage way.

The Key Facts

Easy and transparent admin web app for managing all connected applications and devices

No limitation in usage of own or third-party applications and data sources

First universal Industrial Data Space Connector in accordance with DIN 27070

Including support, technical documentation and a knowledge base with tutorials

Auto update functionality as well as continuous extension of supported industry protocols

Rapid deployment; at the same time full access rights management

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