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08 Dec

#4 BITS & BYTES | Christmas Edition

Let it code, let it code, let it code!

(December 2021, up to latest release 1.0.67)

Christmas is in the air. Take time to breathe it in! Gingerbread, cookies, winter weather, a warm fire in the fireplace and reading our Christmas newsletter. Today our yellow Cybus Santa has an early present for you: Our coding artist Benjamin reveals the Connectware feature which puts him in the Christmas mood.


Buffering – a christmas tale

Imagine you’ll write your wish list, send it to Santa…

…and on the way to the Northpole the bag of messages including yours is lost due to a snow storm. Unfortunately Santa’s Elves are not able to retrieve it. Your wish is lost and there will be no present under the christmas tree. In this analogy, Santa is your server and  the wish list is your data. With Cybus Connectware, you can now use new buffering options to configure write operators in such a way that your data is not lost even if the connection to the device is down. The mechanism will start buffering any incoming values and after the connection is reestablished, buffered messages will be written to the machine. This flushing of the buffer is resilient to subsequent disconnections in which case new incoming values will start to be buffered and once the connection is reestablished again the flushing will continue where it left off.


Benjamin Favourite Feature Connectware

Benjamin, Coding Artist


“Cybus Connectware provides a library of pre-defined Services in the Service Catalog. It is an easy and quick way to install a Service for example for OEE or analytics, and get started with Connectware. All it takes is three clicks. No need to write a configuration file. Head over to your Connectware and check the available Services out now or schedule a meeting with us.”

Further improvements:

  • Commissioning files now have a new Cybus::File resource  
  • FOCAS protocol also has the program_download command (where download means loading the file into the PLC)
  • SQL protocol has more options for connecting to PostgreSQL databases
  • Implementation of Beckhoff ADS protocol has been rewritten significantly

Over the last updates the stability has been improved and bugs have been fixed to make working with Connectware even more powerful and reliable.

Our Cybus Dev Team uses a rolling release cycle with weekly updates. This gives us the opportunity to quickly incorporate bug fixes and improvements. So submit your feature request or bug report – and start the countdown.

See you next month!

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