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Cybus - A Company for the Independent Industrial IoT

About us

Cybus is an industrial IoT company founded in Hamburg in 2015.

The goal of the team around Pierre Manière, Marius Schmeding and Peter Sorowka is to make the interconnected digital economy of the future reality by making real-world data universally usable within and between organisations.

Manufacturing companies use the “Cybus Connectware” software solution to implement their multiple Smart Factory use cases with any machine and any application – for example for quality management, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. The key feature: Thanks to state-of-the-art data management, users always keep full control over their production data as new digital asset. At the same time, service providers and machine builders use the software as a secure gateway for their customers to concentrate on their digital applications and services.

Cybus – Independent Industrial IoT

Our Managing Directors

Pierre Manière -

Pierre Manière

I am thrilled to be working with a great team to help shape the world of tomorrow. Digitalization has, in no time, turned the way we communicate upside down. And even more challenges lie ahead for the manufacturing industry as it changes towards a digital factory. We are now in a special position to support industrial companies with tried and tested, groundbreaking solutions to achieve more flexible, efficient production with maximum protection for their own data. To see such happy and astonished customers (“Oh, you don’t just say that, the Cybus Connectware really just works like that!?”) drives me every day anew.

Peter Sorowka

The true power of the Internet of Things will not unfold until open networking both between systems that are still isolated today and across company borders will become reality. Just as the classic Internet is a large composition of simple and complex services, the digitalized economy will emerge with new players, new offerings and cross-linked supply chains. I am driven by creating the technical linkages for this vision. I see myself as an evangelist for secure, sustainable data architectures, an open approach to connectivity and the message that the industry 4.0 market will only flourish when the current focus on platform monopolies will give way to genuine digital supply and demand.

Peter Sorowka -
Marius Schmeding CPO & Co-Founder

Marius Schmeding

For manufacturing companies, entering the digital age is often a special challenge, as they have to develop further technologically and organizationally. At Cybus, we set high standards for our product – it should support our customers in achieving their digital goals in the best possible and efficient way. But at least the same high standard also applies to us as a service provider – our customers receive the best possible support and benefit from our know-how so that they can quickly put their projects into practice.

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