News | 27.07.2023

Best of Industry Award

Your vote for Cybus Connectware

Cybus Connectware has been nominated by MaschinenMarkt for the Best of Industry Award 2023. Take part in the voting now and vote for Cybus Connectware!

Important: You do not need to provide any personal information or fill out any forms. You can place your vote in less than 15 seconds.

Best of Industry Award Cybus. Vote now.

Cybus Connectware

Enterprise-wide industrial data infrastructure

The foundation for all your digitization

As a Factory Data Hub, Connectware creates a centralized and scalable data hub that collects, processes and distributes industrial data. Through the highly available data transfer, Connectware technologically closes the gap between IT and OT. The Factory Data Hub enables access to industrial data, thus enabling cross-team and cross-company collaboration.


Realize all IIoT use cases with Connectware

The best foundation is a universal data infrastructure

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