News | 17.07.2020

Connectivity portfolio extended to support Siemens Sinumerik and Heidenhain

Machine controllers from Siemens Sinumerik and Heidenhain can now be directly connected via Cybus Connectware. The advantages are clear: even more extensive compatibility with machines and services for central data governance, efficiency and agility of your IIoT architecture and projects.

With the recent addition of connectors for Siemens Sinumerik (models 840D sl and 828D) and Heidenhain (models TNC 640, iTNC 530 and TNC 426) the IIoT Edge Hub extends the data that can be used in IIoT applications by two highly significant sources. Typical use cases are bidirectional. Not only can data like spindle speeds be monitored or current operating states be read out, but also new or optimized CNC programs can be loaded to the machines remotely.

The addition of Siemens Sinumerik and Heidenhain controllers to our portfolio of connectors is an important step, especially for customers with CNC machines. On the one hand, the data generated here has great immediate value for production quality. On the other hand, the partial automation of machine operation significantly increases production efficiency by avoiding errors.

Peter Sorowka, CEO of Cybus.

Breadth and depth of connectivity that’s in a class of its own

Beyond the two recent additions, a wide variety of other connectors are already available in Cybus Connectware, including for controllers from Beckhoff TwinCat, Siemens SIMATIC, Mazak as well as for sensors from Pfannenberg, SICK or Werma. Furthermore, the integrated support of widely used connectivity standards such as EtherNet/IP, EUROMAP, ISO-on-TCP, Modbus/TCP, OPC UA and MTConnect makes practically any type of machine and sensor connectable through the Cybus Connectware. Even data that is only available via proprietary protocols can be used directly through advanced Cybus technologies.

In sum, the breadth and depth of this connectivity portfolio and customization capabilities makes Connectware a truly unique IIoT Edge Hub. The benefits of the combined connectivity, data governance, security and management tools not only make it highly versatile, but also provide optimum support especially to IIoT applications, architectures and strategies that require real scalability.

Integrating more data source connectivity into the Cybus Connectware helps clients eliminate gateway duplication, reduce unnecessary handling effort, risks and costs. At the same time new IIoT use cases can be implemented more easily, more quickly and independently from third parties. This is exactly what the market is pushing for.

Pierre Manière, former CEO of Cybus

Thanks to its  expanding variety of connectors, the IIoT Edge Hub Cybus Connectware continues to transform the problem of many complex technical interfaces into one universal, technology-neutral layer. Companies can connect their IT systems and IIoT services to this layer in a standardized way using broadly established technologies like REST, OPC-UA or MQTT.

Expert system empowers for efficiency and independence

In the central user interface of the Cybus Connectware, data sources and data recipients as well as the permissions in between become transparent at a glance. IIoT Data Governance thus transforms from a complex problem into a competitive advantage. Those responsible in the IT departments and IIoT teams can facilitate new usage models, agile deployment and ad hoc scaling much easier, faster and reliable. 

The Cybus Connectware can be installed locally on an IPC as well as in a data center on virtual servers. It can even be operated as high performance cluster. The message bus architecture enables maximum scalability from small dashboard projects to MES integration and far-reaching big-data concepts.

The DIN SPEC 27070 compliant architecture for the secure exchange of industrial data as well as the central data governance approach, make it possible to connect and leverage the powers of hyperscalers such as AWS Greengras or Microsoft Azure, and rivaling ecosystems such as Bosch Rexroth or Siemens Mindsphere, in a complementary manner without having to fear technical or strategic lock-in.

The new connectors are now available as an integral part of the Cybus Connectware.

Sinumerik and Heidenhain now part of the connectivity portfolio of Cybus

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