Product | 31.07.2023

Connectware release 1.3.0

LDAP, MQTT 5 shared subscriptions and more

We’re pleased to announce Connectware 1.3.0, the latest update to our Factory Data Hub with exciting new features and improvements. We have listened to our customers and added some highly requested features to Connectware, among those LDAP and MQTT 5 shared subscriptions. Learn more about all the new features in Connectware 1.3.0.

New and enhanced features

  • LDAP integration for secure access control
    The Auth Server now supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to enhance user authentication and access control. LDAP is an open application protocol for accessing and maintaining directory information services over IP, like Microsoft Active Directory (AD). It is widely used in industries as an authentication and authorization solution. As a result, you can now easily manage and connect to your directory information services.
  • MQTT 5 shared subscriptions and simple authentication support
    The Protocol Mapper now supports MQTT 5 shared subscriptions which allow applications for load balancing, which facilitates horizontal scaling of services. Clients can now subscribe to topics in groups and the broker will only send a message to a single member of that group.
    Also, the Broker now supports MQTT 5 simple authentication.
  • UI improvements
    For better usability, we’ve given our UI a facelift and added the option to filter logs by date and type for easier navigation and analysis.


We have made the following fixes to improve the stability of Connectware:

  • Admin UI
    Notifications are now being rendered correctly.
  • Broker messages
    Broker messages are now being delivered as intended in all configurations.
  • Protocol Mapper – ADS
    ADS Duplicated messages are now retrieved correctly after reconnecting.

The update is available now. See the documentation to learn how to install or update Connectware. See the changelog for a list of what has changed in Connectware 1.3.0 and all previous Connectware versions.

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