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The sales team has accompanied factory-wide and cross-site rollouts of a wide variety of digitalization roadmaps together with customers and partners. This versatile practical experience with factory operators from various industries and the associated individual infrastructures keeps them close to the actual challenges and requirements of our customers.

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Are you wondering if Cybus Connectware is the right software for you? Do you have a digital project or digitalization project that you would like to talk about? The sales team is there to help you with advice and support and is continuously available for you.

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    FAQ | Frequently asked questions

    About the software

    Which requirements do I need to use Cybus Connectware?

    Cybus Connectware is a server solution that is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure. The exact system requirements depend on the scope of the project and will be gladly reviewed by our Customer Success Team. Together, we will develop an operating concept that is based on your requirements, for example, with regard to the necessary fail-safety or deployment strategy. If it is necessary to build up further IT expertise for the secure operation of Connectware, you will receive support in the form of a wide range of training courses.

    Can I install and use Cybus Connectware independently?

    The installation and application can be done completely independently, for which extensive documentation and accompanying articles are available. More information can be found in the Support Center.

    How can I tell if a Manufacturing Data Platform can be used in my production environment at all?

    If systems and machines in your production are equipped with network-capable interfaces (Ethernet) and a connection can be made from a central location, then the basis for an effective data infrastructure is in place. The Customer Success Team will support you in developing the system architecture towards a mature Smart Factory.

    Acquisition of the software solutions

    How can I buy Cybus Connectware?

    The Manufacturing Data Platform is offered directly by Cybus. Contact us and find the right software solution for your production with our experienced employees.

    Furthermore, Cybus Connectware is available through all integration and consulting partners of the company. Benefit from the integrated system solutions and professional consulting of the partner ecosystem.

    Are you a customer of existing marketplaces like the ADAMOS STORE, the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace or the ctrlX Store of Bosch Rexroth? Here, too, you will receive the Cybus Connectware App in a user-friendly way and in the familiar environment.

    Do I get Connectware exclusively from Cybus?

    No. Of course, you can obtain Cybus Connectware directly from the supplier. In addition, the Manufacturing Data Platform is also made available through selected integration and consulting partners, as well as industrial marketplaces. Learn more about the Cybus Ecosystem or contact Cybus customer service directly for individual advice.

    Licensing and runtime

    Is there a minimum runtime for the Cybus Connectware license?

    Yes, there is usually a minimum term of 12 to 24 months, depending on the complexity of your production environment, the scope of services and the digital roadmap. For exact details, please contact our Customer Support.

    Does the Cybus Connectware license renew automatically?

    Yes. Normally, your license renews automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything. In a few exceptions, an explicit renewal with our Customer Success Team is required. This depends on your individual setup and production environment.


    How can I cancel my Cybus Connectware license?

    To cancel your Cybus Connectware license, please contact your personal account manager. If you do not have the name of your contact person at hand anymore, just contact our Customer Success Team.

    What happens if I miss the cancellation deadline?

    If your license agreement includes an automatic renewal, your license will be extended for the contracted time. Exact details can be found in your license agreement. Furthermore, your can always consult your personal account manager.

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