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The Cybus Journey

Six years full of connectivity


Our partner ecosystem grows

New partnership between Cybus and Bosch Rexroth

Cybus Connectware is now available through Bosch Rexroth‘s ctrlX AUTOMATION platform. With Connectware, ctrlX CORE controller users can easily send data to any system, database, cloud or application.

Our partner ecosystem grows

Successful start of your digitalization projects with HEITEC and Cybus

By adding the Industrial IIoT Edge platform from Cybus to the HEITEC solution portfolio, Cybus and HEITEC are following their shared mission of enabling customers across a wide range of industries to increase productivity and availability in their factories. 

Events & Awards

Winner of the Digital Champions Award 2021

Cybus was awarded #1 Regional Champion in the category “Digital Transformation SMEs” within the Digital Champions Award 2021 from WirtschaftsWoche & Deutsche Telekom!
More info >>>

DCA Siegel

New chairman of the advisory council

Ralf-Michael Franke becomes the new Chairman of the Advisory Council at Cybus

After more than 30 years in leading positions at Siemens, Franke becomes chairman of the advisory council at Cybus. As a thought leader in the fields of automation and Industry 4.0, he is both a visionary and a practice-oriented driving force on the Cybus advisory council.
More info >>>
Watch the exclusive interview >>>

Our partner ecosystem grows

Zero Downtime with Cybus und Nexocraft

Now you no longer have to worry about unexpected downtime. With Cybus and Nexocraft, you can immediately detect and fix production failures down to the sensor level.
More info >>>

Our partner ecosystem grows

Live Process Mining with Cybus and LANA

With the joint offering from Cybus and LANA, customers can now easily realize process mining in their factories and thus always maintain transparency over their shop floor processes.

Our partner ecosystem grows

MEXS and Cybus

With MEXS and Cybus, your service workers and machines can finally talk to each other in real-time.
More info >>> 

Our partner ecosystem grows

Cybus and

Together with, Cybus now offers lean MES and intelligent OEE for every shop floor and IT environment.
More info >>>

oee ai logo

Our partner ecosystem grows

Waylay and Cybus

Cybus und Waylay are teaming up to enable factories in the process industries to build their use cases in a game-changing way, even in the most complex production environments.
More info >>>
Watch demo >>>


Our partner ecosystem grows

Highly secure AI with prenode

Thanks to the partnership between Cybus and prenode, machine builders can now guarantee their artificial intelligence-based services with the highest level of data protection and security.
More info >>>

prenode logo

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Taking off to the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

and Amazon Web Services (AWS) extend the Industrial Cloud community and welcome Cybus GmbH as a proud member.

Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

Our partner ecosystem grows

Together with ToolSense

ToolSense strengthens its benefits in OEM for stationary industrial machines by partnering with Cybus.

Toolsense Logo

Co-authorship with IDSA

Standard for Secure Gateways for Data and Services

Finally in 2020, the DIN SPEC 27070 “Requirements and reference architecture of a security gateway for the exchange of industry data and services” was published. It describes detailed security requirements for Industrial IoT and offers companies and CIOs a secure reference architecture for the exchange of industrial data and services.
As an active member of the IDSA, Cybus is proud to have contributed directly and significantly to DIN SPEC 27070.

Together, we assure secure IIoT!



New Release

Connectware 1.0

Cybus General Illustration

Our Connectware includes the best architectural insights and practitioner-led capabilities from five exciting years with challenging pilot customers, powerful partners and critical industry experts.

Five years of full connectivity

Cybirthday – Cybus turns 5!

Cybus goes Sylt

Annual team & strategy weekend

Cybus has a lot to celebrate – and a great motivation to put our minds together.
With this year’s team & strategy weekend, we proudly and critically reflected our successes and elaborated how our journey will continue.

Cybus goes Sylt 2020

Our longtime partner Pfannenberg builts on Connectware

IRES Shopfloor Analystics

IRES enables remote monitoring and optimization for just about any machine or vendor.
This offering helps production companies to keep their people safe by reducing shopfloor traffic, while ensureing production can be kept up and running. Optimization capabilities even help them to even come out of the crisis stronger than before.

Pfannenberg IRES Shopfloor Analytics

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Cybus moves to Eimsbüttel

The new Cybus office

Cybus moves to a new and larger office. Would you like to take a look? Visitors are warmly welcome!
Our team comprise now 20+ motivated Cybees plus externals.

Cybees in their Office

Btov partners invests in Cybus

Multimillion investment

As Cybus secures a multimillion investment from the venture capital company btov Partners, it is now set up for rapid growth.

btov partners

Enhancing the Cybus Ecosystem

Cybus joins the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

At the Hanover Fair 2019, companies decided to gather and form an implementation alliance (“Umsetzungsallianz”) for industry 4.0. Together, they want to use existing standards, such as the industrial communication standard OPC UA, and link them in practice.

Since 2019, Cybus is an active member of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, which today connects over 60 relevant and innovative members.

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

Team event

No lock-ins with Cybus

Lock-ins are certainly no joke. That’s why we even use our free time to practice unlocking in any situation. The Cybus Team Event 2019 proved once again how well we all work together!

Cybus Teamevent Escape Game

New Protocol

Release 0.39.0

Now, the procotol Siemens Sinumerik is supported by the newly released Connectware 0.39.0.

New Features

Release 0.38.0

The Connectware release introduces LDAP user management.

New Features

Release 0.37.1

To assure high security, the Cybus Connectware 0.37.1 provides a central licensing portal. Also, the Connectware users can now access the data privately, safely and remotely thanks to the new Wireguard VPN service.

New Features and Protocol

Release 0.35.0

Cybus happily releases the Connectware 0.35.0 with more powerful data handling, more consistent configuration, no more need for an additional custom preprocessing tool and the newly supported protocol SHDR.

New Features and Protocol

Release 0.33.1

The new Cybus Connectware 0.33.1 now supports the protocol Heidenhain TNC for easy integration of several CNC machine types, allowing easy installation, the new Beta of Cybus Portal and improved security. With the new release, it can be deployed as virtual or physical appliance with an easy-to-use install script.

Meet us wherever you like

Events & Fairs 2019

Cybus Events in 2019

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Cybus goes global

DXC Technology as implementation partner becomes our first global reach implementation partner. logo

Silpion as solution partner

Silpion IT solutions GmbH

New Features

Release 0.32.0

The new release 0.32.0 supports the possibility to install the Connectware via a single script and a new user panel, allowing to manage users, set roles and access permissions. Also, automated client registration is enabled for an easier on-boarding process.

New Features and Protocols

Release 0.30.0

The new release 0.30.0 switched from HAProxy over to Envoy and includes now the new protocol Pfannenberg Connect.
More Information on the Connectware features here.

Cybus goes Sylt

Annual team & strategy weekend

Wind force: taking-off!
Defying the Sylt wind and weather, we have proven ourselves to be great team players. Cybus spent a full week-end on Sylt – recovering to freshly deep-dive into new challenges!

Cybus goes Sylt 2018


Cybus IIoT Partner Ecosystem

Siemens Mindsphere Ecosystem as a connectivity partner

Siemens Mindsphere

International Data Spaces Association

Connectware as first IDSA-compliant IIoT connector.

As one of the first companies, Cybus successfully pilots its Connectware with the “IDS-ready” pre-certification criterion by the working group of IDSA (International Data Spaces Association).IDS ready certification

Plug-and-Play Usage of the Connectware

Cybus Sandbox

Cybus introduces the sandbox, which comes with a preinstalled Connectware to enable plug-and-play usage for quick prototyping under realistic conditions.

Cybus Connectware Sandbox

Meet us wherever you like

Events & Fairs 2018

Cybus Events in 2018

New Service

Pay-per-use service

SE.M.LABS (now PS Team) and Cybus enable a pay-per-use service for industrial manufacturer.

PS Team as partner of Cybus

Website Re-Launch

Cybus is very excited to launch its new website, which is now faster, easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

Website Relaunch of

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Cybus honored by Gartner as Cool Vendor for digitalization in industry 4.0

Global Cool Vendor

Cybus as Cool Vendor 2017 by Gartner

GARTNER evaluates Cybus as a global Cool Vendor for Digitalization in Industry 4.0

Meet Cybus wherever you like

Events & Fairs 2017

Cybus Events in 2017

Cybus expands its cooperation

New partners



Ancud IT and A.T. Kearney become brand new Cybus partners to not only collaborate on future industrial IoT projects, but to support each other within their specialized fields of competence


Cybus and Omnio announce their new partnership to bring Industry 4.0 closer to reality. Omnio, founded 2016 in Copenhagen, provides plug-and-play integration for industrial devices.


Cybus and Connectavo find their perfect fit and become partners to enable an easier and more efficient maintenance process.


HONICO and Cybus partner up, to link all business systems such as e.g. SAP, CRM and ERP with HONICOs former IntegrationMan Connect.

New Features

Release 0.29.0

The Release offers profinet connectivity, Swagger OpenAPI interfaces for REST services. More Information on the Connectware features here.

The Connectware Release 0.29.0 now supports the following protocols:

  • MQTT
  • Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM)
  • BACnet
  • OPC-UA Modbus/TCP
  • Siemens SIMATIC S7

An overview of all protocols of the Connectware can be viewed here.

New Features

Release 0.24.1

The new Connectware release 0.24.1 offers distributed device mapper agents, new Admin-UI look and feel and a container management UI.

New Features

Release 0.19.8

The Connectware now comes with the new broker VerneMQ, the new load balancer HAProxy and the protocol SICK Sopas is added.

First IDSA-compliant IIoT connector

Highly secure Connectware on international standards


Cybus publishes worlds 1st secure connector based on IDSA* principles. It inspires industry-leading customers to launch their own secure data spaces, e.g. rail and medical industry.

*International Data Spaces Association

Year’s most primising private technology venture

Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

Red Herring Top 100 Europe Finalist Cybus

Cybus made it to the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award, honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

Cybus as one of the most promising early-stage stech startups

Pioneers Top50 Startup

Pioneers Top50 Startups

Out of the 500 most promising early-stage tech startups, Cybus has been selected as a Pioneers Top50 startup.

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Meet Cybus wherever you like

Events & Fairs 2016

Cybus Events 2016

Cybus becomes a member of

Industrial Data Space e.V.


Cybus becomes a member of the Industrial Data Space e.V. to contribute to a reliable exchange of data with common security rules for all companies. More information on the challenges and achievements of Industrial Data Space can be found here.

New Protocols

Release 0.16.2

Besides other new features, the Connectware now supports the protocols Modbus, OPC-UA, BACnet and MQTT.
An overview of all protocols of the Connectware can be viewed here.

Cybus Plug-and-Play solution

Start Smart Connectware

The new Start Smart Connectware offers factory operators the change to start their very own first industry 4.0 use-case with real data. This “Plug-and-Play” and non-invasive solution starts tracking your machines immediately without affecting the established network.

Partnership with InUse


Cybus forms a new partnership with InUse [former OptimData, France], an innovative R&D lab dedicated to data centric applicatios for the B2B market.

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The Cybus hackathon for industry 4.0

#GCP15HH Get Cyberphysical!

The Cybus hackathon for industry 4.0 unites software developer and industrial enterprises to develop innovate solutions for future factories. Friendly hosted by the Gründerwerft and sponsored by Harting, MioSoft, SNP, Kienbaum, Gründerwerft, Wechselwild and SICK.

Get Cyber Physical

Mentoring programm by TU Munich

TechFounders Startup Accelerator

Tech Founders Startup Accelerator

Cybus is chosen for the TechFounders Startup Accelerator mentoring program by the TU Munich, Germany.

Startups@reeperbahn festival

Public Choice Award

Cybus wins Public Choice Award

Cybus wins the public choice award, which allowes the creation of a communication campaign for the Connectware in cooperation with FORK/fischerappelt.

Successful pilots with SICK and WITTENSTEIN

First pilots

Cybus deployed the first Connectware pilots with its partners SICK (adressing sensors) and WITTENSTEIN (adressing gearing).

Seed investment

Pfannenberg investment

Cybus receives the new seed funding by Pfannenberg Group. As a leading specialist in electrical engineering, Pfannenberg agreed to invest into Cybus and its IT solution for providing Industrial Internet as a Service.

Pfannenberg - Elektrotechnik für die Industrie

Cybus is brought to life

Foundation of Cybus GmbH

Founder of Cybus

Cybus was founded by Pierre Manière (CEO), Peter Sorowka (CTO) and Marius Schmeding (CPO) with its core competence: Cybus delivers a systematic transformation of brownfield OT environments’ data value (integrating new information technologies into existing technology infrastructure). Cybus can now deploy a lean, effective, secure and scalable IT microservice infrastructure.

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