News | 30.06.2023

A look back at the Data in Manufacturing & Smart Industry Summit

Digital initiatives between shop floor and cloud

We were a bronze sponsor of the Data in Manufacturing & Smart Industry Summit DACH 2023, where attendees learned insights about data and technology in smart manufacturing from industry leaders in keynotes and panel discussions.

In our keynote, we presented best practices for accelerating digital initiatives between the shop floor and the cloud.

Cybus ist Bronze Sponsor auf dem Smart

Danny Rybakowski

Head of Partner Management

Keynote | Friday, 30.06.23 | 10:15 A.m.

Accelerating digital initiatives between shop floor and cloud

Maximizing the value of data in manufacturing

Transforming factories with a cloud-first strategy within an environment of changing technology cycles, rapid supply chain changes and security concerns is tough. But being able to derive value from data is immense and well worth the effort: From increased production efficiency, over becoming ESG compliant or higher customer satisfaction.

This presentation covers how you can accelerate digital initiatives within factories and company-wide while maintaining full data governance, security and flexibility for any digital project. It explains how companies solve IT/OT convergence globally with a scalable technical setup for each production facility and how they can adapt their organizational structure to that change.

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Cybus Connectware brochure

Your Factory Data Hub for full shop floor connectivity

Illustration of the Smart Factory Data Infrastructure of Cybus Connectware

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