On Demand | 17.08.2023

Energy Management in smart factories | On-demand Webinar

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Learn how three companies took active steps against energy waste.

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    • Energy management in smart factories:
      Cost savings, efficiency, ESG and sustainability
    • Key strategies and technologies:
      Best practices for real-time monitoring, data analytics and lowering energy consumption
    • Successful customer projects:
      Three examples of customers who are actively reducing energy waste
    • Summary & questions

    About the webinar

    Energy Management in Smart Factories

    How three companies took active steps against energy waste

    Energy management is crucial for the shift from conventional factories to Smart Factories. By closely monitoring and analyzing energy consumption, companies can enhance efficiency, cut costs and integrate renewable energy sources to reduce their environmental impact. Effective energy management ensures long-term competitiveness and profitability in the digital transformation ETA, while supporting sustainability initiatives.

    This webinar demonstrates the impact of a Factory Data Hub using examples from the food & beverages, metal processing and machinery industries. These cases underline the significance of Energy Management in securing funding, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

    šŸ‘„ Highly relevant for Production and IT managers, CFOs, CDOs, digital transformation managers and managers responsible for strategic manufacturing initiatives.

    Tobias LeƟmann

    Industrial IoT Application Engineer

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    Meet the Speaker

    Tobias LeƟmann

    As an Industrial IoT Application Engineer at Cybus, Tobias LeƟmann collaborates closely with our customers to effectively guide them through their use case implementation. In this webinar, Tobias LeƟmann will provide valuable tips and insights on how manufacturers can successfully roll out their Energy Management use cases.

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