News, On Demand | 07.07.2021

Expert interview with Ralf-Michael Franke

“The trends in the industry are very clearly predetermined.”

Ralf-Michael Franke, Chairman of Advisory Council and former CEO of the Siemens Factory Automation Business Unit

In an exclusive interview with the new Chairman of Advisory Council Ralf-Michael Franke, Peter Sorowka (CEO) and Carsten Stiller (CSO), moderator Christine Brunner charmingly guides us through the challenges and trends that will shape industrial automation in the future.

When will factories be aligned with the Industrie 4.0? How do you achieve seamless OT-IT collaboration? Which new standards will be set in automation technology?

With decades of experience in industrial automation and Industrial IoT, the experts share their perspectives and outline how Ralf-Michael Franke, as Chairman of the Advisory Board of Cybus, will accompany the leading software company in its growth.

Watch now: Expert interview with English subtitles


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The interviewees

Ralf-Michael Franke

Chairman of Advisory Council at Cybus

Peter Sorowka
Peter Sorowka

Co-Founder and CEO at Cybus

Carsten Stiller
Carsten Stiller

Managing Director and CSO at Cybus

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