On Demand | 12.10.2023

On-demand webinar | Reduce costs with data-driven manufacturing

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    In this on-demand webinar, we will demonstrate how you can transition from concept to results in weeks, taking into consideration the following challenges:

    • How to establish a clear definition of ownership to drive digitalization and innovation?
    • What does the execution process look like to ensure costly errors are avoided?
    • What technologies can advance this process?

    About the webinar

    Reduce costs with data-driven manufacturing

    From digital concept to results in weeks

    Manufacturers are facing the imperative of efficiently sharing and managing data as digital technologies revolutionize manufacturing and supply chains. Various stakeholders within factories, including quality managers, plant managers, data scientists and purchasing personnel, require specific data to implement their ideas and achieve operational excellence.

    Seize the opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry leaders who examine proven strategies for swiftly and securely implementing digital use cases in factories, all while ensuring uninterrupted operations. Discover how a scalable Factory Data Hub, combined with a Shared Service structure, can rapidly transform digital concepts into tangible, data-driven outcomes within a matter of weeks.

    ­čĹą Highly relevant for production and IT managers, digital transformation managers, data scientists, quality assurance managers, managers responsible for strategic manufacturing initiatives.

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    Meet the Speaker

    Anthony Kr├╝ckel

    Meet Anthony Kr├╝ckel, the head of our Customer Success team. Anthony is all about ensuring you have a great experience with Cybus and getting the most out of what we offer.

    Antony Kr├╝ckel

    Head of Customer Success

    Danny Rybakowski

    Head of Partner Management

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    Meet the Speaker

    Danny Rybakowski

    Our Head of Partner Management, Danny Rybakowski, shapes the Industrial IoT market with innovative partnership concepts and works closely with leading consultants and integration companies.

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