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Perfectly suited for your MES integration

With the proper data architecture, MES implementation becomes a success: Evaluate independently and integrate with ease.

A strategic decision


  • The expertise of MES providers lies in the application (detailed planning), not in the machine connectivity.
  • The integration of an ME system as a stand-alone project does not ensure progress in the holistic shop floor connectivity in the sense of Industry 4.0.
  • MES is a central application that, however, does not provide a reliable foundation for an agile overall parameter analysis.
MES Integration

Flexible and easy with Cybus

Among other things, Cybus Connectware acts as a flexible and application-independent MSB (Manufacturing Service Bus). It is built on a microservice architecture and functions as a technology-neutral layer. Unlike MES, the Connectware makes no assumptions about the data model and can thus be used in an application-agnostic manner. In this role, the Cybus Connectware accelerates and facilitates MES integration for your machine and production line data. Furthermore, it establishes a future-proof data architecture for any Industry 4.0 project.

Measurable success through holistic connectivity

Cheaper, faster and technically more efficient machine data collection

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Increased ROI from machine data

Future-proof and agile data architecture

Safe launch of new systems during ongoing production and increased uptime

The first step: A reliable data architecture

A scalable and future-proof system requires a reliable and holistic data architecture. With Cybus, you are well-prepared for all your IIoT use cases and Industry 4.0 transformation.