What is an MES?

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a system used in manufacturing to track and document production planning, production performance and production quality. As the second highest level in the Automation Pyramid, the MES is also the broadest direct view and control level over the manufacturing process on a plant level. It provides near real-time status information to understand the current overall condition of a production site.

Integrating data into the MES

Cybus Connectware connects your manufacturing and IT with a standardized connectivity layer. This way, you can send production data to any system, any application and any cloud. This includes also Manufacturing Execution Systems from any manufacturer. The big advantage of an ME system integration via Connectware compared to a stand-alone integration project: In addition to the data transfer to your Manufacturing Execution System, you can simultaneously use the data for other use cases, such as analytics or traceability.

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