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Cybus IIoT Gateway Tafel

21 May

New Release Cybus Connectware 0.33.1

Whats New?
Version 0.33.1 of the Connectware has been officially released! If you want to see in depth what has changed in 0.33.1 checkout the full changelog. If you want to see some of the highlights keep reading.

Heidenhain TNC
We added Heidenhain TNC to our growing list of supported protocols. This protocol allows easy integration of several CNC machine types. Keep an eye out for a future Cybus Learn lesson on how to use the Heidenhain TNC protocol.

Easier Installs
We now make installation easy using a bash script. For more details check out the Installing the Connectware lesson.

Support Managed Appliances
We are now moving into the Beta of the Cybus Portal. The Cybus Portal makes managing your own Connectware instances easy. To achieve this we have added a couple of new cool features. To join the Cybus Portal beta contact our sales team.

Improved Security
As always we are trying to improve the security of the Connectware. In this last release we introduced CSPs headers, and dropped support for older versions prior to TLS v1.2.


If you want to learn more about the Connectware checkout our Intro and Technical Overview lessons.