News | 19.05.2020

Pfannenberg uses Cybus IIoT Middleware for IRES Shopfloor Analytics

IIoT service helps businesses keep up production under COVID19 circumstances and return from the crisis stronger

The german vendor of electronic industry technologies Pfannenberg GmbH from Hamburg offers a unified and remote monitoring of all production machines and processes through their new IRES Shopfloor Analytics offering. This allows for faster reactions with less risk of signal misinterpretations even from home office. The remarkable solution is based on Cybus Connectware as unified on-premises IIoT Gateway and Edge Platform.

Different machines with different types of signaling, typically require local supervision by trained professionals. If and when current Corona-driven protection measures (distancing, fewer people on shopfloor) result in these experts not being available to the same extent as usual, even the monitoring of production-critical machines may need to be delegated to untrained personnel. This can require the slowing down of production speed, may lead to mishandling and loss of production. Besides potential new infection waves, the problem can increase when powerful customers, banks or insurance companies demand systematic mitigation against respective delivery bottlenecks.

IRES Shopfloor Analytics is able to read and automatically standardise any signal of most any machine type and vendor as well as manual workstations, display it in a unified and customizable dashboard and analyze over time. This enables production managers to remotely monitor their manufacturing and respond to irregularities quicker, more targeted and accurately. Moreover, the solution of the acute Corona problem is at the same time the basis for fact-based learning and modern shopfloor management. Manufacturing companies can come back from the crisis stronger.

Cybus is proud that key capabilities of this solution are provided through Cybus Connectware. Instead of connecting machines individually through vendor-specific or DIY gateways, the IIoT Middleware functions as a unified on-premises IIoT Gateway with more than 30 industry connectors and as Edge Services Platform.

All controls and data pre-processing is performed directly on-premises so that customers get a centralized Data Governance layer. Pfannenberg as the IRES solution provider is able to keep it’s product up to date remotely. This minimizes implementation and operating costs on all sides. At the same time Cybus Connectware functions as technology-neutral layer. Which makes end customers and solution providers strategically and technically independent from leading machine vendors, software providers and powerful Cloud platforms.

Learn more about how practitioners and strategists at IIoT solution providers benefit from the unique capabilities of Cybus Connectware.

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