Clever towards Smart Factory | Whitepaper

A perspective shift integrates IT, Shop floor and Business views


Clever zur Smart Factory

A perspective shift integrates IT, Shop floor and Business views

Transforming a factory into a Smart Factory means more than just implementing Industrial IoT use cases: Full-scale digitalization democratizes the individual layers of the automation pyramid and transforms them into a process-oriented structure. Discover exactly what this means and how you can pave the path to the smart factory for your company in this white paper.

Once upon a time: the automation pyramid

Traditional organizational structures are incompatible with IIoT projects

Automation often follows the automation pyramid approach. However, as technology advances, vulnerabilities in information transfer become apparent: There is a lack of consistent structures and connections between systems (such as an MES that should seamlessly links ERP and production systems).

The solution: a three-layer-architecture

Cross-system structures enable fast roll-outs and scalability

If a company integrates the three layers of business, IT and shop floor across processes and divisions, it can cope with the rapid dynamics of digitization. This agile structure enables fast and simple adaptation from PoC to roll-out and beyond.

Whitepaper Clever towards Smart Factory

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The following topics will be covered:

  • Best Practice for Smart Factory
  • Risks of current corporate structures
  • The 3-layer architecture as a solution path
  • First steps to Smart Factory
  • Recommendations from practice

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    Factory Data Hub

    Smart Factory starts with a scalable data infrastructure

    Connecting the whole factory

    With the leading Factory Data Hub Connectware you can realize your first digitization projects as well as a holistic transformation to the Smart Factory. In addition to universal connectivity, Connectware creates a
    scalable data infrastructure for digital IIoT projects – independently implementable.

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    Smart Factory is a strategic decision

    A scalable data architecture is above all a strategic decision: Talk to us about your projects and experience,
    how the Factory Data Hub lays the foundation for your Smart Factory and provides all necessary resources.

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    Whether metal processing, automotive or toolmaking – leading manufacturers rely on the Factory Data Hub


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