News | 03.05.2018

Speed Dating on the Shop Floor

Hamburg-based start-up Cybus successfully pilots “IDS-ready” pre-certification criteria

Everything that moves in the Industrial IoT is based on production data. However, the simple, reliable and secure data connection between machines and management is still missing in many projects. With this goal in mind, the International Data Spaces Association and Cybus have launched a cooperation for the new, upcoming “IDS-ready” pre-certification.

Hamburg, May 3, 2018 – The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), which includes industry players such as SICK, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, SCHAEFFLER and others, presents the first catalogue of criteria for the certification of Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. As one of the first companies, the Hamburg-based start-up Cybus successfully subjected its Connectware to criteria piloting by the Certification working group of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

Cybus has developed software for the secure connection of machines and production lines with digital business models such as pay-per-use or predictive maintenance. Thus the three-year-old IoT start-up closes the gap between the shop floor and industrial apps in the cloud. “It’s like speed dating on the shop floor. Connectware provides a connection between IoT application and any machine protocols – from OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus up to proprietary languages. Technically, we keep the complexity out of the implementation of IoT applications for companies. No matter what is planned in the area of Industry 4.0, the necessary evil is always to bring the right data to the right place,” says Peter Sorowka, one of the three founders of Cybus.

Reliability for industry

The IDSA fulfils a central task on the part of industry. “For the first time in Germany and Europe, we are creating a uniform review and ultimately certification for trustworthy IoT solutions in industry,” says Lars Nagel, Managing Director, International Data Spaces Association. “The German manufacturing industry in particular has a problem to solve with digitalization, how it should deal with the ever more numerous production data. This is not just about intelligent applications for increasing productivity, as we often hear. The answer to the question ‘Who owns the data and who has access to it’ has a decisive impact on entire business models in tomorrow’s industry,” explains Lars Nagel.

As the successful piloting of the criteria catalogue showed, Cybus Connectware is well on its way to fulfilling the final criteria of the upcoming “IDS-ready” test. In the next step, the IDSA Certification Working Group, in which consultancies such as PwC, Deloitte and industrial enterprises are represented in addition to Fraunhofer, will establish the certification scheme of the IDS and start the official certification process for participants and components of the IDS. The corresponding DIN standard is already being worked on under the number DIN 27070 and is actively co-designed by Cybus.

Connectware meets Connector

The IDS Connector is the trusted authority in the Industrial Internet of Things. Based on the IDS reference architecture, which has been developed over the last few years in the working groups, the IDS Connector offers a defined point at which data may leave company boundaries. The IDS Connector is already integrated in the Cybus Connectware and can be made usable with one click.

Major advantage for industrial users: production data is processed in a completely secure environment. Connectware ensures reliable data collection directly from the machine controllers, and pre-integrated rights management only makes data accessible to services and applications that have been explicitly granted access rights. This works without programming or configuration effort for individual machines or IT applications. An interesting side effect is that the Cybus Connectware and the IDS Connector map the entire requirements for DSGVO compliance, including logging and rights management.

About Cybus:

Cybus is a Hamburg-based IoT company founded in 2015. Developed by a team of 11 people, Connectware is locally installable software that enables customers to develop and deliver value-added services based on industry data. Cybus’ mission is to connect industry and the Internet in a simple, safe and clever way.

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About the International Data Spaces Association:

With the founding of the International Data Spaces Association, business and industry are actively involved in designing the architecture of the International Data Space (IDS). More than 80 companies and institutions from 16 countries are members of the association. The strategic initiative in relation to the IDS aims to ensure data sovereignty through a peer-to-peer network that enables usage control of industrial data. The International Data Spaces Association bundles the requirements for the IDS, organises the exchange of knowledge between research and industry and develops guidelines for the certification, standardization and use of the results from the various IDS-related research projects at European and national level.

For more information about the International Data Spaces Association, please visit

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